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The Best Studio Monitors Under $100

The list of studio monitors is quite extensive. Not at first, no, but once every fringe option is factored in, it can get quite overwhelming. Combine that with many pairs being egregiously expensive, and monitor shopping can be chocked up to a pretty hefty chore. We’ve tested some of the best studio monitors under $1000 […]

Vanatoo Transparent One vs AudioEngine A5+ – All You Need to Know

Using professional-level monitors for home computers is becoming an increasingly popular setup. However, actually getting all the equipment to hook up a pair of these speakers is quite the task, especially when not used for any particular professional purpose. To answer this hole in the market, companies like Vanatoo and AudioEngine has released products that […]

Sonos One vs Google Home: Which Is Best?

The Sonos One and Google Home are two speakers with a common goal: becoming a great sounding centerpiece of an audio setup, with enhanced streaming over wifi and voice control to integrate with your other devices. Since the release of Amazon Alexa, products like these have popped up, combing Siri-like effects into what looks like […]