Monster DNA vs Beats Solo 2 In Depth Comparison

solo 2 vs monster beats headphones

After the partnership between Monster and Beats abruptly ended, both brands began making their own exclusive headphone models and the latest offerings from both companies are similar in price, but are they also similar in features? This article compares the popular with the headphone lines to determine which of these two companies left the marriage […]

Review: Hands On with the Shure SE215 Earphones

reviews of the Shure SE215 headphones

Shure is a global leader in the professional microphone and high-quality audio equipment market with a large line of products including personal monitoring systems, headphones, earphones and various types of audio electronics. While some manufacturers are concentrated on only one segment of the marketplace, Shure offers products at almost every price point from budget priced […]

A Complete KEF Q900 Review – Worth the Price?

kef q900

Since the 1960s when the founder of KEF, Raymond Cooke, first began revolutionizing driver design by using synthetic materials for cones and creating innovative technology including transmission-line loaded midrange drivers, KEF has been a leader in the home speaker industry. More recent developments by the company such as the Uni-Q coaxial driver have furthered the […]

My JBL LSR305 Review – A Good Professional Studio Monitor?

JBL LSR305 reviews

The overall balance and sound imaging created by the LSR305 powered monitors from JBL are everything consumers have come to expect from the company. JBL succeeded in creating an affordable speaker system that boasts an impressive amount of performance without breaking the bank. Although these speakers aren’t capable if wireless streaming and must be set […]