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Jodie first started refining her love for audio equipment when she went to the store and bought a cheap $5 of headphones. After she realized how long they didn't last her (and how poor the audio quality was), she decided to invest in a more expensive pair. That's when she realized how much of a massive difference audio quality makes in a person's overall experience listening to music. Since then, she works hard to buy all of the latest releases in the audio industry to test everything out. She doesn't hold back on sharing her opinions and experience with all of her readers - she wants to transform your next audio experience.  She's most proud of her sound bar collection!

Kanto YU2 vs Audioengine A2+

Kanto YU2 vs Audioengine A2+: Which is Right For You?

Anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer wants their speakers to sound great since a good pair of speakers makes video games, movies, or music sound more enjoyable. This Kanto YU2 vs Audioengine A2+ comparison will help you decide which of these desktop speakers is better. Either of these models

Kanto YU5 Review: How Good are These Speakers?

In our Kanto YU5 review, you’ll discover all the functionality that comes with these bookshelf speakers. Kanto are relatively new to the home audio scene – they were founded in 2007 – but they have built up a solid reputation for combining superior design with good audio quality. The YU5 speakers are one of their

Kanto YU6 vs Audioengine A5+: Which is Better?

Getting bookshelf speakers produced by a well-known brand is usually the easiest way to ensure that the model you choose has excellent playback capabilities. In this Kanto YU6 vs Audioengine A5+, we’re going to take a look at two premium bookshelf speakers produced by established brands. Both of these companies are relatively new on the

Kanto YU2 Review: How Well do They Perform?

This Kanto YU2 review will provide all the information you need about these desktop computer speakers. Kanto produces a wide range of different speakers from computer speakers, bookshelf speakers to larger audio systems. The Kanto YU2 speakers might be quite small but as we’ll find out, they do produce decent sound. We’ll look at the

kanto yu4 review

Kanto YU4 Review

In our latest piece, we’re bringing you an in-depth Kanto Yu4 review. We’ll include some thoughts of our own as well as outlining the speaker’s pros & cons, which features you need to know about, any frequently asked questions there may be, and which competitors we think you should also be considering. We’re no strangers

Edifier R1280DB Review

Edifier R1280DB Review: Everything You Need to Know

Compact size, quality sound, and reasonable price, the Edifier R1280DB is one of the best sound systems that you can buy today. Established in 1996, Edifier now exports its range of sound systems and speakers to over 70 countries. They even have a signature speaker line designed by audio engineer extraordinaire Phil Jones. If you’re

SVS SB 1000 Review

If you’re an audiophile just like me, chances are you’ve probably heard about SVS. They’re one of the major brands in home audio systems, speakers, subwoofers, and everything audio. What makes the brand stand out is its subwoofer range, top of the line models at competitive prices. The SVS SB1000 is a prime example of

Audioengine HD6 vs A5+: Which Is The Best For You?

Audioengine’s bookshelf speakers are among the best in the industry, which is the reason why it is difficult to pick one brand’s model over the other. In this article, we are going to compare Audioengine HD6 vs A5+ and try to establish which of these models has better sound playback capabilities. The music we listen

Best Ceiling Speakers for Atmos

Best Ceiling Speakers for Atmos: Which is Right for You?

If you’re looking for new speakers or want to add some depth to your existing system, this guide will help you find out the best ceiling speakers for Atmos in the market today. Atmos is a premium and advanced audio technology that adds quality to your speakers and home theater systems. Atmos also amplifies the

Anthem MRX 720 Review

Anthem MRX 720 Review: Is It Worth Buying?

In today’s feature, we’re going to look at and review the Anthem MRX 720. The MRX 720 has been around for a few years now but due to its long lifecycle and recent software updates, it is still regarded as one of the best A/V receivers (AVRs) out there. But how does it really stack

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