Klipsch R-15M Review [2021]: Is it For You?

Klipsch makes some of the finest speakers on the market today. Their attention to detail in design and engineering leads to speakers that are elegant in their aesthetics and sophisticated in their sound. The s hold that tradition, with the signature copper-spun powered subwoofer, sleek design and fantastic sound. It’s compact size still sounds huge, […]

Bedphones vs SleepPhones: How to Choose the Best?

Bedphones vs SleepPhones

Part of a healthy lifestyle is getting enough sleep to soothe your tired body and recharge for the next day. But for some people, sleep is a luxury, and they often find themselves tossing and turning, trying to get some of that much-needed rest. You can try to fall asleep using several tricks, and one of them is listening to music as you try to doze off.

Bedphones and SleepPhones are just what you need to get some restful sleep. But what are the differences between these two products?

The Main Differences Between Bedphones and SleepPhones

  • Bedphones are kept in place with flexible ear hooks, whereas SleepPhones come with a headband that keeps the speakers in place.
  • Bedphones are more expensive than SleepPhones. Bedphone’s wired version costs $89, compared to only $40 for the SleepPhones Classic. The wireless Bedphones will set you back $149, while the wireless version of SleepPhones costs only $49 less.
  • SleepPhones has the Effortless ver

Polk Audio T15 Review [2021]

The Full Polk Audio T15 Review: Are These Speakers Worth It?

Polk Audio has a wide range of speakers, all made to deliver exceptional quality at the lowest price possible. These bookshelf speakers deliver on the low price, coming in at less than $100 for the pair (), but they lack in the sound that would truly make them special. If you’re looking for low cost […]

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