The Ultimate Klipsch R-15M Review: Is it For You?

Klipsch makes some of the finest speakers on the market today. Their attention to detail in design and engineering leads to speakers that are elegant in their aesthetics and sophisticated in their sound. The s hold that tradition, with the signature copper-spun woofer, sleek design and fantastic sound. It’s compact size still sounds huge, with […]

The Full Audioengine P4 Review: Are These Speakers Worth It?

Audioengine P4 Review

makes some inexpensive speakers that look absolutely stunning. The cross of design between modern and vintage meets beautifully in a way that is not often seen. However, looks aren’t everything.   The P4s are one of two passive speaker options that Audioengine offers, being the smaller of the pair. The 4-inch woofer won’t provide a full range of frequencies, […]

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