Kanto YU6 Review: How Good Are These Speakers?

Kanto YU6 review

Our Kanto YU6 review is going to explore whether these speakers are really worth your money or not.

We’ve looked at several Kanto speakers recently – including the YU5 Speakers – and now we turn our attention to one of Kanto’s latest products.

The YU6 speakers come packed with a load of features. We’ll explore each one in-depth, have a look at the pros and cons, if any alternatives are out there, and finally, decide if you should invest your money in these speakers.

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Key specifications of Kanto YU6

You can find the main specifications for the Kanto YU6 speakers below.

Total Power 200W Peak Power (100 Watts Total RMS)
Frequency Response 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Bluetooth Yes
Other connections 3.5mm mini-jack AUX, RCA with Phono Switch, 2 x Optical (TOSLINK), USB (for charging), Subwoofer Out
Remote Control Yes
Dimensions 13.98 x 6.89 x 10.71 inches
Warranty 2 years
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Core features of Kanto YU6 speakers

The Kanto YU6 speakers are bookshelf speakers meaning that they will sit nicely on a table, stand or even an actual bookshelf. They are meant for small and medium-sized rooms. Here are the main features of the Kanto YU6 speakers.


One of the big advantages of the YU6 speakers is that they can be paired with a Bluetooth device to play music.

As this is also on the YU5’s, it isn’t surprising that it is found on these speakers but it is a very welcome feature. It means you can connect wirelessly to the YU6 speakers which greatly enhances their overall functionality.

We’ll have a look at the sound quality below but it does play well from the Bluetooth. There are some reports that pairing different devices to these speakers isn’t as easy as it was on the YU5’s. Overall, this is a good feature that we really like.

Kanto YU6


Bluetooth isn’t the only way in which you can set up and get sound from the Kanto YU6 speakers. It also features a variety of other connections.

This includes a standard 3.5mm mini-jack AUX as well as an RCA with Phono Switch. You’ll also find 24-bit/96kHz-capable optical connections.

There is a subwoofer out port as well if you do want to enhance the quality and get deeper bass.

On the back of the YU6 speakers, you’ll notice a USB charging port. It is there for charging only but is very handy to have as you can connect up a phone, table,t or even a Chromecast device if you wish.

It feels a bit like a missed opportunity to add in USB connectivity for a computer for example. This is really the same as the YU5 speakers and it would have been nice to have an additional connection method.

That being said, there are a wide variety of connections on these speakers and there should be something for everyone.


We’re always writing about how great Kanto speakers look. Even the YU2 speakers which have been out for a while still look fantastic.

Kanto YU6

The YU6’s are no different. They come in 7 designs and color schemes from matte back to bamboo and walnut.

If aesthetics are something you look for in speakers alongside the performance, the Kanto YU6 delivers. There is enough variety in the different designs for you to find one to fit into the style of your home.

It is easy to work your way around the speakers as well. All the connection ports are clearly labeled on the back and while these speakers aren’t the smallest around they are still relatively compact. Their design means you won’t need a ton of room to fit them in somewhere.

Easy to set up

You really don’t need to have a ton of knowledge about speakers to get these set up properly.

As we said, the connections are all clearly labeled on the back. So whatever way you are setting these up – whether analog or digital – it shouldn’t be a problem.

There can be a few issues around getting Bluetooth devices paired correctly. You might find that it takes a few attempts to get this set up but overall it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Even though these speakers are very powerful both in sound quality and connectivity, anyone can get them set up and ready to go pretty quickly.

Remote Control

This is another feature brought over from the YU5’s, and we are glad that the remote control has stayed in the YU6’s.

It just makes things easier to operate.

Not only that, but it means you can actually set these speakers somewhere inaccessible and still have control over them. It is pretty useful if you don’t have a lot of accessible space to house the speakers in. You can set them on top of a shelf and still be able to control them with the remote without any problems.

There is a Bluetooth pairing button on the remote too so you don’t even need access to the actual speakers to pair up a Bluetooth device.


The Kanto YU6 speakers come with a 2-year warranty.

This is standard with Kanto speakers and products. 2 years is pretty good and while some speakers from other manufacturers may give you a longer warranty, the 24 months from Kanto isn’t bad at all.

How do the Kanto YU6 speakers perform?

So, we’ve looked at the specifications of the YU6 speakers as well as the core features, but how do they actually perform?

Kanto YU6

Like any Kanto speakers we reviewed in the past, we were very impressed with the overall sound quality.

Even when playing music through Bluetooth, the quality was very high. They offer a well-balanced sound and regardless of what genre of music we put through these speakers, the output was great.

If you are looking for speakers that have a refined and precise sound quality, these are definitely for you. You can add a subwoofer (the YU6’s have a subwoofer out connection) if you want some deeper bass. However, for most people using these on a fairly casual basis, the standard setup should be enough.

There can be a few issues around connecting up a Bluetooth device and it seems to be slightly more troublesome than previous Kanto speakers. This does impact a bit on the performance in terms of set up, but the sound quality is excellent when it is working properly.

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Kanto YU6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers | Amazon

Enclosed in handcrafted MDF cabinets measuring 10.7" tall, YU6’s 1” silk dome tweeters and 5.25” Kevlar drivers deliver crisp highs and wonderfully balanced mid-range, faithfully reproducing all your favorite tunes.

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Pros of Kanto YU6 speakers

These are the things we love the most about the Kanto YU6 speakers.

Sound quality

You want speakers that perform well and the Kanto YU6’s do the job and more. The sound quality is what we have come to expect from Kanto and these do not disappoint.

Whether it is high notes, low notes and everything in between, these speakers can handle it. The bass is good too but you do have the option of adding a subwoofer if you wish. Perfect for small and medium-sized rooms.


We have this in both the pros and cons. As a pro, Bluetooth is a great way to connect to the YU6 speakers. It offers a dedicated wireless option and it means you can hook up a phone or tablet and play music. It also means that you can house these speakers in a pretty inaccessible place if you wish without impacting on their usage.

Remote Control

We really like the remote control with the YU6 speakers. It just makes things much easier to operate and you can use it to pair Bluetooth devices as well.

Combined with the wireless connectivity, it means you can set these speakers wherever you want and still have full control. This isn’t something that is new to more recent Kanto speakers, but something that is great to have.

Connection variety

Aside from Bluetooth, there are also various other forms of connections to use these speakers. It adds another level of functionality to the YU6’s. It means you have several options to hook these speakers up and you can add in a subwoofer too if you wish.


Simply put, these speakers look at the business. There are several styles to choose from – we love the walnut color scheme – but even the standard matte black and or the white speakers look great. If you want your speakers to stand out a bit in your home, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Kanto YU6


There is a 2-year warranty with the Kanto YU6 speakers which is fairly standard for all the Kanto speakers we have looked at before.

Cons of Kanto YU6 speakers

There are a few things that aren’t great with the YU6 speakers.

Bluetooth sometimes doesn’t pair

Some people have reported a hesitation with these speakers to connect to a Bluetooth device. While it works it can be a little trickier and more time consuming than some other Kanto speakers that have Bluetooth functionality. It doesn’t seem to be a massive issue that impacts everyone but it is worth highlighting anyway.

Remote control design

A pretty small con in the grand scheme of things but the remote control design could do with an upgrade. It is something we found on the YU5 speakers as well. No impact on its functionality and it is fantastic to have it, just that it could do with a revamp in terms of aesthetics.

Could do with more bass

The overall found quality from the Kanto YU6 speaker is great however we would like a little more bass. It isn’t bad, just not as good as we thought it would be. However, for casual users, this isn’t a problem and for audiophiles, you can add in a subwoofer easily.

Are there any alternatives?

Fluance Ai60

The Fluance Ai60 bookshelf speakers offer a lovely dark design and in terms of aesthetics would fit in nicely with a modern setup.

Fluance Ai60

When it comes to sound quality they perform well with a frequency response of 35Hz – 20KHz. Playing several different music genres on these speakers is a breeze and they offer a crisp and accurate sound. The bass could do with being better but for bookshelf speakers, they certainly aren’t the worst out there.

These speakers also come with Bluetooth connectivity to rival the YU6’s as well as other connection options. This includes RCA L/R, Digital Toslink Optical and Micro USB. The big plus with the Fluance Ai60 speakers is that you can play music off the USB device as it is an input connection and not just one for charging.

Cost-wise they are pretty much on par with the YU6’s. There isn’t much between them in all honesty. It will come down to a few small preferences if you want to look at these as an alternative.

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Kanto YU5

For anyone that wants to stay with Kanto but prefers a slightly cheaper model, the YU5 speakers are a solid choice.

Kanto YU5

They come with much of the functionality of the YU6’s. This includes Bluetooth, a remote control as well as a variety of different connections. As they are a Kanto product, you also get several different aesthetically pleasing color schemes and designs. They’ll fit effortlessly into whatever style you have in your home.

The YU6’s are the successor to the YU5’s (not surprisingly given their names!) so you can pick up the Kanto YU5 speakers a bit cheaper if you can find them.

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between them. The sound quality is good on both – perhaps a bit better on the YU6 – but they do represent a way to stay with Kanto if you want to save some money.

Overall these are great speakers. We’ve reviewed them before so you can take a look at our in depth analysis if you wish.

Kanto YU5 5.25" 2-Way Powered Bookshelf Speakers | Amazon

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kanto YU6 Speakers

Question: Does the Bluetooth work on the Kanto YU6 speakers?

Answer: Yes. There have been some reports of difficulty with pairing the YU6 speakers with another Bluetooth-enabled device however they do work.

Question: How big are the Kanto YU6 speakers?

Answer: The dimensions of the YU6 speakers are: 13.98 x 6.89 x 10.71 inches. They are a bit bigger than some other Kanto speakers but are still compact enough to be used as bookshelf speakers. 

Question: Can I add a subwoofer to the Kanto YU6 speakers?

Answer: Yes. You will find a subwoofer out connection on the back of these speakers if you wish to enhance the bass and overall sound quality.

Question: Do the Kanto YU6 speakers have a warranty?

Answer: Like most Kanto products, there is a 2-year warranty with the YU6 speakers.

Question: Will these speakers suit a medium size room?

Answer: Yes. These are perfect for filling up both a small room and a medium-sized room with sound. The sound output is very good and depending on where you position them, they should work well in both small and medium spaces.

Question: Can I connect a USB device to these speakers?

Answer: There is a USB port however it is for charging only. You can’t use it as a USB input to play music, unfortunately.

Final thoughts – the Kanto YU6 speakers offer great sound for the price with a few little drawbacks

The Kanto YU6 speakers provide an all-around great sound and while they can be seen as a bit pricey, you are getting what you pay for.

There are many things to love about the YU6’s.

The different connection methods, remote control functionality as well as how they actually perform. Their design is what we have come to expect from Kanto – beautiful and varied. You’ll find several different styles that can easily fit in with your home design.

There are a couple of issues. One being the somewhat temperamental nature of the Bluetooth. It does work and works well but pairing certain devices can take a bit longer than you would expect. The bass could do with being slightly better but this can be easily fixed with the addition of a subwoofer.

Would we recommend that YU6’s? Yes. We think they are a great set of bookshelf speakers that are ideal for both small and medium-sized spaces.

While they might not be seen as a massive upgrade on the YU5 speakers, there is enough here to warrant the extra money. For casual and regular users, these speakers are perfect and provide everything you need for a high-quality audio experience.

Superior Choice
Kanto YU6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers | Amazon

Enclosed in handcrafted MDF cabinets measuring 10.7" tall, YU6’s 1” silk dome tweeters and 5.25” Kevlar drivers deliver crisp highs and wonderfully balanced mid-range, faithfully reproducing all your favorite tunes.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/15/2024 04:15 pm GMT

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