Audioengine D1 Review: All You Need to Know

audioengine d1 review

How can you hear an MP3 file? To a computer, an MP3 file is nothing but a collection of 0s and 1s, much like an image file. But while there is no way for you to hear a picture, a music file has digital signals that need to be converted to analog before it can be piped into your earphones or speakers.

This job is reserved from digital to analog converters. You might have never heard of DACs, but they are everywhere: inside that smartphone that you have, or one of the hardware in your computer, and even your TV. Anything that needs to process digital signals into something that you can hear has a DAC built-in somewhere.

One of the best options you have for a digital to analog converter is the AudioEngine D1, a DAC that serves double duty as a headphone amplifier. This device is packed with features and might be the perfect DAC for your needs.

The AudioEngine D1: What You Need to Know