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Sweet Sounds for Everyone! The Yamaha HS7 Review

Yamaha undeniably has had a legacy in the audio world, manufacturing speakers, stereo systems, headphones, and more for decades. However, famed speakers like the NS10s have proven less useful for audiophiles and more useful for recording studios, demanding the flattest frequency response possible. Yamaha’s HS series of monitors- including a 5, 7 , and 8 […]

Outdoor Adventures and Music Await with The Turtle Shell 2.0 Speaker

The world of the music listener is changing pretty fast, we’ve gone from that recent obsession with oversized, gaudy, headphones to minuscule wireless models in a couple of years, and Apple’s jack-less new iPhone will only accelerate that trend. For group or louder listening, speakers have become mobile, bigger, tougher and more rugged, as demonstrated […]

A Complete KEF Q900 Review – Worth the Price?

kef q900

Since the 1960s when the founder of KEF, Raymond Cooke, first began revolutionizing driver design by using synthetic materials for cones and creating innovative technology including transmission-line loaded midrange drivers, KEF has been a leader in the home speaker industry. More recent developments by the company such as the Uni-Q coaxial driver have furthered the […]

My JBL LSR305 Review – A Good Professional Studio Monitor?

JBL LSR305 reviews

The overall balance and sound imaging created by the LSR305 powered monitors from JBL are everything consumers have come to expect from the company. JBL succeeded in creating an affordable speaker system that boasts an impressive amount of performance without breaking the bank. Although these speakers aren’t capable if wireless streaming and must be set […]

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