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Alvin is passionate about one thing - audio equipment. He knows what a major difference high-quality sound equipment can make in the projects you’re working on. When he isn’t pursuing his love of technology and audio equipment, he’s sharing his expert knowledge with the world. If you’re looking to completely understand everything there is to know about speakers, headphones, turntables, or mics, Alvin’s here to help you.

Garageband vs FL Studio Compared: Which is Better?

Digital audio workstations help people create excellent music and have professional-quality recordings without having to work too hard for it. The two of the most popular options you have right now are GarageBand vs FL Studio. What are the main differences between Garageband vs FL Studio? FL Studio is geared towards creating electronic music, whereas

Best FL Studio Alternatives

Best FL Studio Alternative: 9 FL Competitors

FL Studio is probably the go-to music production software out there for both professional sound makers and amateurs. However, with licenses ranging from $99 to around $900 to access all the features, it can be a bit expensive for some people. What’s more, FL Studio falters when it comes to audio recording sessions. The good

jbl xtreme vs UE Megaboom

JBL Xtreme vs UE Megaboom: Which Should you Choose?

It used to be that when you have a pool party, you take your boombox out and find extension wires where you could plug it in. Others have to deal with wires as they try to get their components and sound system out into the pool area. Meanwhile, if you are going camping or hiking,

8 Best Satellite Speakers – Top Picks

Satellite speakers are placed behind or at the sides of the listening area. These small speakers can help you get a richer and more refined sound. There are usually several satellite speakers that are hooked to a woofer or subwoofer. For instance, a 5.1 system means that five satellite speakers are using one subwoofer. There

Harman Kardon HKTS 16 Review

Harman Kardon HKTS 16 Review: Should You Buy It?

There is nothing quite like enjoying a movie inside the theater, especially an action-packed flick or a heart-stopping thriller. Part of the enhanced experience is because of the surround sound that these movie houses have. It’s immersive, and you feel like you’re part of the scene. Home theater systems allow you to replicate that kind

SVS Ultra Bookshelf vs KEF LS50

SVS Ultra Bookshelf vs KEF LS50: Which is Better?

There are several brands out there that rival for your attention when you’re looking for bookshelf speakers. Two of the best manufacturers are SVS Ultra Bookshelf vs KEF LS50. Both companies have a reputation for building some of the best sounding speakers that also catch the eye. But, really, what are the primary differences between

SVS Ultra Tower Review: Key Things You Need to Know of

Tower speakers offer you an all in one audio solution without needing a shelf or tabletop to sit on. You can place it on your floors, and you’re well on your way to a better music listening or movie watching experience. The SVS Ultra Tower speaker is one of the many choices you should consider.

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