Audioengine HD6 Review: All You Need to Know

Searching for a new set of speakers or home HiFi system can be a bit of a minefield. With so many audio options, connectivity issues, and price points available you’d be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed.

In this Audioengine HD6 review, we’ll be taking a look in detail at what makes these speakers stand out including their features, advantages and disadvantages, and also provide you with alternatives if the HD6’s are not the right choice for you.

In short, the HD6s are versatile wireless monitors that work well when connected to HiFi systems, record players, and televisions. These speakers also work just as well when used with PCs, laptops, cellphones, tablets, or any other streaming device via Bluetooth.

We’ve had a close look at some other Audioengine products before. Check out our reviews of the A5+ and P4 for some other audio options.

Let’s start by taking a look at the key specs.

Key Specifications of the Audioengine HD6

Before we dive into the performance and details of the HD6s, let’s take a look at an overview of the specifications.

Total Power 150 watt
Frequency Response 50Hz-22kHz +/-1.5dB
Bluetooth Yes
Other connections 3.5mm mini-jack AUX, dual analog input, USB, RCA input, Subwoofer output
Remote Control Yes
Dimensions 17 x 7.3 x 15 inches
Warranty 3 years
Latest price Check here for latest pricing 

Core features of Audioengine HD6

The HD6 model from Audioengine’s lineup is their top of the range, flagship product. Packed full of features, connectivity options, and quality, the HD6 is a real stand out speaker.

Audioengine HD6

One of the reasons that we love the HD6 so much is it’s a homage to a bygone era. By that, we mean the rich tones of analog sounds. Audioengine has incorporated analog class A/B monoblock power amplifiers into the design to give it a real classic sound with clear tones that will fill almost any room, despite the speaker’s size.

Here, we’ll look a little deeper into the features we think you’ll love on the HD6s.


No successful product in the 21st century is going to sell unless it has good connectivity. When we think of all the ways people listen to music these days it’s easy to see why this becomes an issue when choosing a speaker system.

Luckily, Audioengine has all the bases covered. The HD6s come with Bluetooth connectivity as standard, allowing you to connect almost any digital device to them quickly and easily.

This is in contrast to many of the other wireless options on the market as a lot require linking via a wifi network. Whilst this method does work, it can often be unstable and presents connectivity issues. Bluetooth, on the other hand, is much more reliable.

Despite the vast majority of music being listened to via streaming services these days, there are still vast numbers of people who like to listen via more traditional methods.

The good news here is that Audioengine is not slacking here either. The HD6s are able to connect to analog devices via RCA and 3.5mm Jack, meaning CD players, tape decks, and turntables are catered to.

Sound Quality

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when buying new speakers is how much does sound quality matter to you? If you answered ‘a lot’ then keep reading because these speakers are definitely for you.

The bold stereo sound generated via the analog class monoblock power amplifiers is enough to satisfy even the biggest audiophile.

Their built-in aramid fiber woofers are pretty standard 5.5” but the sound they produce more than fills the majority of moderately sized rooms, with the help of 1” silk tweeters for crisp and clear highs. They also come with subwoofer connectivity (sold separately) if you feel their low end needs boosting.

Build Quality

As well as great sound quality Audioengine has spared no expense on the build quality either. The custom hand-built casing comes in a variety of color options, including our favorite, walnut.

This furniture grade finish comes with detachable grills that are secured vias magnets, allowing you to expose the woofers should you want to.

As well as a high-end external finish, the internal components are also of the highest quality. The woofers are made from kevlar, the tweeters from silk, aluminum has been used for the woofer brackets and the magnets used are neodymium.

All of these coupled with ferrofluid-cooled voice coils means the HD6s are right at the top of the quality spectrum.


The extended 3-year warranty is a great feature to note. They are high-end and as such, have a high-end price. You can rest assured that should you have a hardware failure within that period Audioengine will replace them free of charge.

When comparing products, particularly more expensive ones, warranty plays a big part in how they stack up against each other. Many competitors come with 2-year warranties as standard, so coming with 3 helps set Audioengine apart as a manufacturer when you consider this warranty covers their entire range.

How do the Audioengine HD6 speakers perform?

Given that these are fairly standard-sized speakers with 5.5” woofers and 1” tweeters, you’d be forgiven for assuming they produce a fairly standard sound.

Audioengine HD6 speakers

This is where you’d be wrong. Very wrong. Audioengine’s flagship speaker series packs a serious punch for its size. They produce a sound that will more than fill the majority of living spaces and create the kind of tones you’d expect from a premium audio product.

Despite successes across the board from design to connectivity, the HD6’s loudspeaker is where it really comes into its own. The rear dispersing bass produced by the kevlar woofer is really very good and more than suitable for everyday listening, be that music or movies.

On top of being a great everyday speaker, these beauties love to be pushed. On those nights you want to listen a little louder and dance a little harder, you won’t be let down.

Tonally, the HD6’s are well balanced. They offer a forgiving yet indulging midrange that is highly effective at producing and conveying those big, rich sounds.

These types of ‘mini-monitors’ have a reputation for added bass in the 80–150Hz range and can often be a little much. However, the HD6s perform well, keeping sounds well balanced.

Overall the speakers hold well incredibly well when performing the tasks they were designed for, namely everyday listening and watching TV.

Whilst like any smaller speakers if you turn the volume up too far you will encounter distortion, you really have to push the HD6’s way beyond listenable levels before it becomes a problem.

Pros of Audioengine HD6 speakers

These well designed and well sounding speakers have plenty of positives about them. Here, we’ll look a little further into what they are and why they matter.

Audioengine Speakers

Sound Quality

Anyone considering these speakers, or any others within this price range, must value the quality of the product and most importantly, the quality of sound.

Built with top premium materials such as the kevlar in the woofers and silk in the tweeters, Audioengine has spared little expense on the build.

This manifests itself into one of the best sounding and most versatile speakers the company produce.


These things look beautiful. Available in a variety of finishes and with magnetic detachable covers, you can customize yours to suit your listening space.

Aside from the looks, the compact size of the HD6s means they are well suited to most rooms. From living rooms, shelves, and desks to being a wall or stand mounted, they’ll work well wherever needed.


In the modern age, connectivity is key to success. Audioengine has clearly done their research here and hit the nail on the head by including almost every connection option available.

Bluetooth is the standout inclusion. With its simple connect-and-play nature, Bluetooth allows anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to connect wirelessly.

For the audio purists amongst us, the HD6s allow you to connect via RCA and 3.5mm mini-jack – perfect for connecting via AUX cable or plugging a record player in.


Audioengine protects buyers with their extended 3-year warranty on all products. This is great news for anyone thinking of purchasing these as it provides a little peace of mind.

There’s no denying that these speakers are expensive so if there were to be any hardware issues it would present quite the issue. Luckily you won’t wave to worry about that (for the first 3 years at least!).

Don’t worry though, they don’t have a reputation for breaking down after a while – it’s just nice to know you’re covered, especially when the industry average for warranties is 2 years.

Cons of Audioengine HD6 Speakers

This is a tricky section as overall we rate the HD6s highly. However, there are a couple of points to note.

Speaker Angle

We’re splitting hairs here but in order to get the absolute most out of these speakers, you’ll need to place them at the appropriate height and angle. This is to get the most out of the sound in relation to where your ears will be and is an issue for all speakers, not just the HD6s.

Price Point

When looking for premium products, particularly audio ones, you have to be prepared to pay premium prices. That said, we think that there are other options at this price point that should be considered, and even cheaper products that perform to a similar standard.

Which are the Best Alternatives?

Like when buying any expensive new item, you want to make sure you are getting the best product for you at the best price for your wallet. That’s why we’ve included some options below that we think you should also be considering.

Edifier S1000DB

The Edifier S1000DB immediately springs to mind when thinking of alternatives. They will appeal to perhaps the slightly more budget-conscious buyer but don’t let the piece point put you off – these speakers pack a real punch.

Edifier S1000DB

With similar connectivity options to the HD6s and similar size 5.5” woofers, they’re well worth testing. These speakers are particularly good when hooked up to a TV, PC, or games console.

The only areas that we’d say they lack are the real top-level sound quality and looks when compared with the HD6s.

It comes down to what you need for your space, but if a shelf speaker for TV, gaming, and everyday listening is what you’re after, make sure you check these out.

Klipsch: The Sixes


The Sixes speaker system provides real competition for the HD6s. Priced slightly higher than Audioengine’s flagship product, Klipsch has created one of the go-to speakers on the market.Klipsch The Sixes

They also benefit from slightly larger (6.5”) woofers, so are perfect for a larger room. Design-wise, you can expect to get the same high level of quality and finish as you would from the HD6s, plus they more than look the part.

Adam Audio A7X


The A7X active speakers are well known and well-loved speakers within the music producing community. Used most commonly as studio monitors, this option will appeal to the hardcore audiophile due to the superior sounds they produce.Adam Audio A7X

They differ fundamentally from the HD6s as they don’t possess anywhere near the same level of connectivity. There is no Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack inputs. These monitors rely on RCA and XLR inputs and as such are much more suited for use with musical equipment such as mixers and turntables.

You can, of course, connect them to TVs and other everyday items but you will need extra wires and connectors that do not come in the box.

Audioengine A5+


Another Audioengine product on our list, this time their A5+ speakers. These sit just below the HD6s in their wireless speaker range and are well worth considering when shopping around.Audioengine A5+

The A5+ may not have the looks of the HD6s but they hold their own when you put them through their paces. With similar build quality both inside and out, we think these are a great option that also comes with Audioengine’s 3-year warranty.

We’ve even given these an in-depth review – make sure you check it out for the full low down or read our full HD6 vs A5+ Comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Audioengine HD6 Speakers

It’s common to have questions when looking to buy anything, let alone an expensive item such as a new set of speakers. Here, we’ve outlined some common queries people have when looking at purchasing these speakers.

Question: Do the Audioengine HD6 speakers come with a stand?

Answer: No, these speakers do not come with a stand as standard. They are perfectly suited for use with a stand but do not come with one out of the box.

We’d recommend using stands if your listening space requires it as they can allow you to position your speakers at the optimum height and angle.

Question: Can you plug a subwoofer into these speakers?

Answer: Yes. Audioengine has designed the HD6s to work well alongside all subwoofers, but they are sold separately.

One thing to bear in mind when connecting a sub into your speaker system is its size. These speakers are not huge and as such can be overpowered by a powerful low end.

Question: Can these speakers be connected to a TV or games console?

Answer: Yes, these speakers are incredibly versatile and work well performing everyday tasks like streaming movies and playing video games.

Question: Do the Audioengine HD6 speakers have a warranty?

Answer: Yes, as we’ve outlined in this review the HD6s come with Audioengine’s excellent 3-year warranty.

Question: Can I use headphones with the Audioengine HD6 speakers?

Answer: Yes, you can plug headphones directly into the 3.5mm jack or connect via Bluetooth. Bear in mind that if you are using headphones with a ¼” jack, you will need an adaptor.

Final Thoughts on the Audioengine HD6 Speaker System

The manufacturers have developed an excellent product here that ticks all the boxes most consumers would want.

They offer a brilliant quality of sound, look great, and are versatile enough to function well as the main speaker system in a modern household due to their connectivity and usability with TVs, phones, and tablets.

We would definitely recommend the Audioengine HD6 to anyone looking for speakers at this price point.

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