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If you’re wheeling and dealing on Amazon, but not using a research tool like ASINspector or Jungle Scout, then you’re probably wasting time. And poor time management when dealing with a company like Amazon, that grew its average revenue from $150 million (1997) to $3.1 billion (2001) in just four short years, and has been growing ever since means that your competitors will leave you in the dust.

Amazon is a competitive market, whether you’re an affiliate, drop shipper, or solopreneur trying your best to make it in the eCommerce game, it can be tough to find a “winning” product. As is any eCommerce marketplace for that matter, however, Amazon just recently slashed its affiliate commissions, considerably. At a time when the global economy is at a standstill due to an unprecedented pandemic, you could say that Jeff Bezo’s timing is, well, a little off, but let’s not go there.


Mackie CR3 Review: Are They a Good Buy in 2021?

Mackie CR3 Review

All audio engineers and audiophiles know that they need to invest in a good pair of speakers or studio monitors. But your average listener also prefers hearing their favorite song on a good pair of speakers. That’s one of the reasons why the speaker sector of the multimedia market is worth $8.2 million alone.

The speakers you buy depend on your purpose. If you want high-quality sound when watching TV or listening to music but don’t need professional studio quality, you’re likely looking for speakers with great sound that also aren’t too expensive.

If this sounds like what you need, you may be looking at the Mackie CR3. These are studio monitors and have sold extremely well on online marketplaces such as Amazon.

But are they really what they’re hyped up to be? Most importantly, are they ideal for professional use?


  • Clear sound

Mackie CR4 Review: Is it Worth Buying in 2021?

mackie cr4 review

A good pair of speakers is worth their weight in gold! Well, that’s what I think and most other audiophiles would probably agree. There is no shortage of speakers available these days and competition is tough. But in my Mackie CR4 review I’ll be taking a look to see if these monitors could be the right choice for you.

Mackie is no stranger when it comes to audio equipment. You’ll find a wide range of different products under their range including microphones, mixers, monitors, and much more. The Mackie CR4 monitors are actually part of their CR-X range.

This range includes a variety of different sized monitors with the CR4 being 4-inches. They are the ideal size for people with more limited space. However, as I’m sure you know there is much more to speakers than just their size.

So, like always I’m go

SVS PB12-NSD vs PB-2000: Which is Better?

SVS PB12-NSD vs PB-2000

If you‘re planning to buy a sound system or want to add some oomph to the one you already have, you will know how important it is to have a good subwoofer. Today, we will do a SVS PB12-NSD vs PB-2000 comparison to help you decide which subwoofer is the best for your needs.

A rich, deep bass adds to the overall audio experience, especially in bigger rooms where you want to feel immersed in the movie or the music. With the wide plethora of subwoofers available in the market, it will always be a challenge to buy the best subwoofer to fit your needs.

SVS or SV Sound is known to provide quality sound equipment since 1998. SVS products are recognized for their smart and classy design with great music output. They have earned a reputation for producing some of the best subwoo

Dubslabs Bedphones Review: Are They Worth Buying in 2021?

dubslabs bedphones review

Every audiophile knows that listening to any kind of audio in bed can be a hassle. But Dubslabs have been working to conquer this all too common problem with their Bedphones sleep headphones. 

It’s certainly a bit of a mouthful of a name but it really tells you what these headphones are all about. Many people want a pair of headphones that they can wear comfortably in bed. But sleeping with headphones is more complicated than you might think. So, do the Dubslabs Bedphones offer a solution?

The headphone business is certainly competitive especially when it comes to the under $200 budget category, that the Bedphones fall into. But their unique design and (somewhat) budget-friendly price tag could make them the right h

LMMS vs FL Studio Compared [2021]:Which DAW Is Better?

If you’re looking for a DAW, you’re in the right place with our LMMs vs FL Studio comparison.

DAWs – or digital audio workstations – don’t have to cost the earth. LMMS is free, and FL Studio is competitively priced. You can create music from home for a low cost using their software, and they have plenty of tools for beginners to work with.

But which one is better, and are they easy to use?

We prefer FL Studio, but LMMs has its strengths too. We’ve tested them both, so you can keep reading to find out more details.

We’ll be looking at:

  • The main differences between LMMS and FL Studio
  • Their similarities
  • LMMS and FL Studio in more detail, including their main features, pros