Music Production Software

Avid S1 Review and Guide

With Avid’s deceptively effective new mixing controller, fusing hardware tactility with touchscreen convenience, is the S1 set up to usurp its siblings? In my Avid S1 review, you’ll find out everything you could want to know and discover if this is the mixing platform you need in your life. If you’re new to music production

MP3 vs M4A: Main Differences Explained

While you can certainly appreciate great sound from your smartphone, MP3 and M4A file formats are specially made for quality sound and clarity. Our guide will compare both the MP3 vs M4A for ease of use, sound quality, and compatibility so you can make an informed decision about which file format is best for you.

Reaper vs Ableton: Breakdown and Comparison

Reaper and Ableton are two popular workstations for professional music creation and optimization. Recording artists and music directors both have used these programs when making sound files. So, which platform is better? In this guide, I will share with you the pros and cons of each option, providing details about price, usage, and compatibility. Choosing

Reaper vs FL Studio Compared: Which DAW is The Best?

The world of digital audio workstations is very competitive. Some of the biggest names have been fighting it out, competing with one another to deliver the easiest to use programs, the best and latest features, value pricing, and even intuitive user interfaces. Two of the best contenders are Cockos Reaper and Image-Line’s FL Studio. While

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