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Best FL Studio Alternatives

Best FL Studio Alternative: 9 FL Competitors

FL Studio is probably the go-to music production software out there for both professional sound makers and amateurs. However, with licenses ranging from $99 to around $900 to access all the features, it can be a bit expensive for some people. What’s more, FL Studio falters when it comes to audio recording sessions. The good

Reaper vs Audacity: Main Differences

Two of the most popular digital audio workstations are Reaper and Audacity. Audio directors and recording artists alike have used these programs in several applications to create sound files. So, which one is better? If you’re looking for a good quality workstation for business or personal needs, these options may be suitable for you. With

Reaper vs Pro Tools: Which DAW is Best?

Pro Tools has reigned as the dominant DAW for over 20 years. It’s a flexible piece of software that’s become an industry staple due to how powerful it was years ago. However, that time has come and, maybe, gone. Pro Tools’ hold on the audio industry is slowly slipping because of disappointing software updates and

Pro Tools vs Cubase: Which Is the Best DAW?

Pro Tools and Cubase are both digital audio workstations (DAWs) that allow users to record, edit, mix, master, and finalize recorded music. Pro Tools is considered by many recording professionals to be the industry standard when it comes to professional audio production. While Cubase is well-known in the casual, amateur DAW community for its simplicity,

Avid S6 Review and Guide

The Avid S6 is unique. As the first customizable work surface with a modular design, the S6 allows users to expand and grow as needs change and configure it exactly as they wish. But is it the right device for you? In my Avid S6 review, I have outlined all of the key features of

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