Crutchfield Review for Online Ordering: All You Need to Know

crutchfield review

Crutchfield is an online e-commerce platform offering a wide range of audio, video, and other electronic products for automobiles and homes.

How good is Crutchfield for online ordering? In this article, we’ll take a look at the company’s history, what it represents, its product range, and more to help you decide if it’s the best place for you to shop.

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Company Background

Crutchfield was founded in 1974 by William Crutchfield Jr in his family garage when he was trying to fix his car’s stereos and speakers. Crutchfield now has more than 6 million buyers. was born in 1995 as the very first online authorized retailer for consumer electronics.

In 2006, the “outfit my car” tool was developed which made it easier for buyers to find the right gear as it digs through the measurements to instantly provide the right product and installation gear that fits the vehicle.

crutchfield platform

Crutchfield has been awarded the “Circle of Excellence” Platinum Award for performance and buyer service by for 20 years in a row. Virginia business magazine in 2015, 2018, and 2019 named it as one of the “Best places to work in Virginia”. They are also rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau and acknowledged by Newsweek as one of America’s best online shops.

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Why Choose Crutchfield?

  • Expert Advice: Their advisors have received ongoing training and extensive hands-on experience of the products. They can provide detailed info and genuine advice on products.
  • Free Shipping: All you need to do is meet the minimum order value of just $35 and get your items shipped in 2 business days or less.
  • Tech Support for Life: The tech support team offers free support with every purchase. The team can help with complex wiring installation and troubleshooting common issues.
  • 60 Days Return Policy: If you don’t love the product you bought, Crutchfield offers a 60 days return policy to its buyers.
  • Free Vehicle-Specific Installation: Get expert help to set up audio and video systems for your vehicles for free!
  • Resources: You can find a lot of articles, tips and tricks for current and upcoming products, available alternatives in the market, and guidelines on purchasing and installing. Every category has articles and videos from Crutchfield experts.
  • Networking: You can not only buy networking equipment from Crutchfield, they also provide tips, buying guides, and streaming tips to its buyers for best quality without any lag.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging: Always a good thing to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.
  • In-depth research and hands-on experience: The product research team has hands-on experience of each product to provide accurate data and views.
  • Installments: Crutchfield gives a few of its Sony products in installments to buyers with Sony cards.
  • Buyback: They also have the option to buy old gears for cash.
  • All-in-one platform: For sound systems, buyers can compare the sound and have a feel of which speakers sound better.

Product Range

Crutchfield offers a wide range of electronic products which come into use in our daily lives.

Car Audio & Video

Crutchfield sells all types of car audio and video systems, including car stereos, speakers and subwoofers, car amplifiers and equalizers, video and GPS, and other add-ons. The key benefit of purchasing from Crutchfield is that they have a database of over 25000 vehicles which helps you make the right purchase that fits your vehicle.

Buyers can select their vehicle make, model, and year to see which speakers fit their space. Crutchfield has the measurements of speakers and loaded which their system compares to the dimensions of a given speaker to see if it will fit in the factory cavity.

crutchfield car audio video

Amplifiers & Subwoofers

As for amplifiers and subwoofers, Crutchfield provides the dimensions and guides to buyers on the size of wires required for the purchase. The platform also offers tips online and by phone for wiring setup. The buyer just needs to check for available space they have in their vehicle before they buy online, so there’s no guesswork involved.

Portable Products

For portable products such as GPS navigators, dash cams, and radar detectors, the buyer just needs to find a mounting space on the dash or windshield large enough without interfering with the sight or operation of the vehicle.

Specialty Vehicles

Crutchfield provides its buyers with products for specialty vehicles such as RV and campers, motorcycle audio and GPS, golf carts, classic cars, bikes, and cycles. By providing a range of products for each vehicle, Crutchfield dominates the market in buying online car audio and video products.

Home Audio

Everything you need to create an audio experience in your home is available at Crutchfield. Home audio includes products like receivers and amplifiers, audio components, wireless speakers, home theater systems, smart home audio systems, and more.

You can also buy audio components that include CD players, wireless audio systems, multiroom audio systems, turntables, and its accessories, and cables. A complete guide to buying audio components is provided to aid the buyer in purchasing online.

Receiver & Amplifiers

To shop receivers and amplifiers, Crutchfield helps you narrow down the choices by letting you answer a few questions. Buyers can find tips on how and which receiver and applier to choose. The platform has also mentioned key features, spec and articles, and video on buying guide, best amplifiers currently available, and theater ideas for small places.

Wireless Speakers

I personally love their range of wireless speakers. Everything from portable Bluetooth speakers to wireless home speakers and smart speakers to wireless surround sound systems is available.

Crutchfield offers a list of home audio systems with self-powered and non-self-powered speakers. They have carefully curated a range of home speakers from experts to help you make the right decision.


Different home electronic products come in different sizes and shapes which are supposed to be kept in a safe position therefore the company provides its buyer with furniture for TV stands, audio cabinet and racks, speaker stand and mounts, TV wall mounts, and other office furniture.

TVs & Video

  • TVs

Crutchfield sells all types of TVs ranging from outdoor TVs to 4K Ultra HD TVs. The TVs listed are from all major brands including (but not limited to) Samsung, LG, Sony and SunBrite TV. Everything from dimensions and specs to product features are explained to help you make the right decision when buying a TV.

  • TV Sound

Let’s face it; HD LED and Smart TVs available today have tiny built-in speakers. If you want your TV to sound just as big and bold as what you see, you need an external sound system.

Crutchfield has a range of soundbars, home theater systems, powered stereo systems, and wireless TV headphones. Expert advice and articles can help you decide which sound systems to choose for your TV and room setting. Projectors and sound systems are available to entertain a crowd as well.


I can’t really imagine a life in which there are no headphones. Everyone uses headphones nowadays, whether at home, on the road, exercising, gaming, streaming content, or blocking any distractions.

Again, Crutchfield has nailed this category by offering a wide range of headphones to choose from including noise canceling, Bluetooth, sports, and gaming headphones. Depending on your budget, you can get a pair of headphones that match your needs and style.


  • Marine Radio & Installation

Crutchfield has one of the best ranges of marine equipment you can find. You can buy marine radio, speakers, remotes, cable, mics, radio cover, stereo mounts and subwoofers.

  • Marine GPS

Crutchfield lets you buy Marine GPS & chart plotters, VHF Marine Radios, Fishfinders, Trolling motors, and navigation accessories. All these products you can buy from the comfort of your home while getting support when needed.

Overall, the marine range of products is quite useful for all types of people who spend their time on boats and cruises.

  • Boat Accessories

Boat accessories to upgrade or customize the boats are listed in this section. Marine Bluetooth speakers, action cams, coolers, marine lights, solar and battery-powered products, and outdoor mount bags are available at Crutchfield.

Smart Home

Smart home technology provides you full control of your home systems such as security, temperature, lighting, and more. Crutchfield offers products that are compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Home Kit, and SmartThings. Here is a list of Smart Home products you can buy on Crutchfield:

  • Voice Control Assistant
  • Video Doorbells
  • Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats
  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Wireless Cameras
  • Smart Lights & Outlets
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Home/Sonos Control
  • Smart Tags & Trackers
  • Wireless Home Monitoring
  • Home Monitoring via Landline
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Digital Art Frames
  • Scales & Health Monitors

Smart homes are the future and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in one. All you need is to buy the right smart home systems and the app on your smartphone. Once you’re done, you can control the temperature, switch on or turn off the lights, keep the alarms on standby, and more, all via simple selections and voice command.

Smart Pets

This should be a separate category in my opinion as the demand for smart pet accessories has been growing exponentially. Crutchfield is selling smart pets products that let you take care of their health, wellbeing, and safety.

You can buy pet GPS and activity monitors, dog training and bark collars, pet barriers, doors, and fence systems, pet cameras, feeders, and water fountains, interactive cat and dog toys, technology for cats, and travel accessories for pets. The best part is you can buy smart products compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit, and SmartThings.

Cameras & Drones

Who doesn’t love photos? You can find some of the best cameras and drones available in the market today on Crutchfield.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to invest in an entry-level camera, a professional looking for top-grade equipment, or just someone who really enjoys taking photos, there’s something for everyone at Crutchfield. You can also buy micro, mini, full-sized, commercial, and educational drones with all necessary accessories to take your media game to the next level.

There’s an impressive variety of cameras and accessories for DSLR, mirrorless, and high zoom cameras amongst others. You can also buy lenses with different focal lengths and apertures. If you’re lucky and shop at the right time, you can get a pretty sweet setup for less.

If shooting videos is more your thing, you can find an excellent range of video cameras, action cameras, and professional cameras with all accessories you would need. There are resources for shooting better videos and getting the right starter kit as well.

Pro Audio

All types of pro users can find something for their needs in the Pro audio category. Equipment such as commercial speakers, amplifiers, audio mixers, audio bundles, displays, and panels are readily available.

If you’re in the business of music, you can find lots of audio systems, mixers, and even keyboards and pianos. You can also find some really good equipment for recording and podcasting.


Want to get a good deal on your next audio or video equipment purchase? Crutchfield has weekly specials for all major product categories. You can subscribe to their newsletter and keep tabs on products of your interest so you can buy them when the price is right!

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What Is Crutchfield Outlet?

Crutchfield outlet is a great source of close-out, refurbished gear, and open box items. All items listed in the Outlet come with a 60 days money-back guarantee. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect.

  • Open Box: Products that are returned by buyers or opened in expert training. Technicians inspect the products and test them to make sure they are in good working conditions. All parts, accessories, and owner manuals are included with these products and the manufacturer warranty applies.
  • Scratch & Dent: These are open boxes with minor damage. Some of the non-essential accessories are not included or replaced with similar accessories. The manufacturer warranty can be claimed where applicable.
  • Factory Refurbished: These are refurbished items from the factory with complete accessories. Product may or may not come with a warranty, however, you can bag a really good product at incredibly low prices.

My Experience with Crutchfield

It won’t be a review without me testing the website. I was actually on the hunt for car speakers and a few digital art frames, so this was the right opportunity.

Unlike most large eCommerce sites, Crutchfield’s load time is good and the website is super easy to navigate. So if you’re someone who is not very tech-savvy this is a big plus. I ended up buying the JL Audio C5-640 speakers and the Meural Canvas II digital frame.

It took me less than 5 fewer minutes to put down my car details and find the right speakers for my car. The best part is, Crutchfield only showed speakers that would fit the front and rear doors of my Impala, just as I wanted it to.

If you’re someone who does things on their own, you can even select a filter called easy installation. This will help you get speakers that can be easily installed using just the manual.

Digital frames are new to me so I reached out to their customer support. After waiting for about 2 minutes, I connected with their customer support rep and she made it incredibly easy for me to choose Meural Canvas II.

Upon receiving my order, I got an email with instructions and other resources on how to install the car speakers and use them optimally. That was more than enough for me to install the speakers without requiring any additional help.

Pros and Cons of Buying from Crutchfield


  • Excellent range of products in all major categories
  • Safe and secure online shopping experience
  • Very easy to find the right fit for your vehicle
  • Many products come with free and fast shipping
  • Very helpful articles, guides, and other resources
  • Top-class customer and tech support


  • You can buy some products at cheaper prices on other websites
  • 24/7 support would’ve been nice but not really a big deal

Alternatives to Crutchfield


The world’s most valuable brand, Amazon is where you can find just about anything and everything there is. From home theaters to car audio systems and portable speakers to headphones, nearly everything that’s on Crutchfield is available on Amazon as well.

The key difference would be the tech support and resources that Crutchfield offers. So while Amazon is bigger and better than most eCommerce platforms, it doesn’t boast the level of customer experience that Crutchfield has to offer.

H. H. Gregg

  1. H. Gregg was a traditional retailer with outlets in over 20 states that switched completely to online retail in 2017. Their website is similar to Crutchfield in terms of the categories and layouts. If you’re looking for a good deal on audio equipment, then you may find better rates here.

However, similar to Amazon, H. H. Gregg doesn’t provide tech support and hands-on resources like Crutchfield. In fact, not many online retailers do that, which sets Crutchfield apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Crutchfield Secure?

Answer: Yes, Crutchfield uses the industry standard for website security and online payments. Data is SSL secured when a transaction is taking place, meaning that your personal information and card details are encrypted.

Question: Is Crutchfield Expensive?

Answer: You can find some products that are cheaper on other online retail stores. That said, it’s the service after sale that makes Crutchfield stand apart. The support and resources offered by Crutchfield are second to none.

Question: How Do I Get Tech Support from Crutchfield?

Answer: It’s simple. Once you gather the tools and installation guide, all you need to do is give them a call between 9 am – 8 pm est from Monday to Friday, or 10 am – 7 pm est on Saturdays and Sundays. I would recommend reaching out during the week in order to avoid waiting time.

Conclusion – Is Crutchfield A Good Website for Online Ordering?

Crutchfield, in my opinion, is one of the best and most trusted websites for online ordering. You can easily buy your favorite pair of speakers, amplifiers, and headphones or your vehicles, homes, and more.

Crutchfield has an edge over its competitors with the ease of finding the right equipment and

resources that help you use them properly. If you’re someone who buys online regularly or wants to find a reliable site for your first purchase, you can trust Crutchfield to have your back.

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