The Best Speakers For Small Rooms

Finding a speaker for a small room is like asking which ride to go on first at Disney World. There are a ton of options and most of them are pretty good. While prices and value vary widely, it’s hard to settle on which speaker is right for you.

We’ve tried some of the best to see which ones you should track down. Yes, only some, as listening to every small speaker would leave no time for actual work. Additionally, we tracked down some unique varieties for you to consider.

After quite a bit of deliberation, here are five of the best speakers for small rooms. Each presents a new way to listen to an audio, all at different price points. Because of that, the speakers aren’t in any particular order, so don’t take that into consideration when choosing which is best for you.

Quick Compare

  Fugoo Style XL Sonos PLAY:1 UE Boom 2 Soundwall  Hult Pavilion 
Frequency Response  50Hz – 20kHz  50Hz – 20kHz  90Hz – 20kHz  N/A  20Hz-20kHz 
Power  38 Watts  40 Watts  15 Watts  N/A  20 Watts 
Proofing  Dirt, snow, water, shock  None  Water, shock  None  None 
Price  $179.99  $149.99  $99.99  Varies  $339.99 

Fugoo Style XL- $179.99

The Fugoo Style XL is a speaker that’s fit for just about any situation. It’s compact enough without sacrificing big sound, is easy to use and connect to, and can take quite a beating if you take it on the go. It’s the best all-around speaker for small rooms, with a nice price to boot.

Despite being suitable for small rooms, the Style XL shines when you take it on the go. It’s one of the most rigid speakers we’ve ever encountered, resisting all the elements. Water, mud, snow, or simply just the shock on a drop, the Style XL can handle it all.

However, unlike many speakers that can take a beating, the Style XL looks beautiful. The tweed finish can easily blend into the aesthetic of a room, acting as a small, but powerful, audio center. While it can take a beating, no one would fault you for leaving it indoors.

The centerpiece is a fitting word when it comes to the sound, too. The Style XL has true 360-degree sound, with drivers placed around the body. The sound radiates out, filling up an entire room without dead areas around the speaker.

The Style XL does just about everything. It looks great while still handling the elements, has a long battery life, great sound, and a decent price to boot. If you want a speaker without too much fuss, this one may be for you.

Sonos PLAY:1 – $149.99

The Sonos line of speakers is much more suited for a stationary position as opposed to the outdoor support from the Fugoo. Even so, the Play:1 sports some features that the Fugoo can’t match, making it an excellent choice for small rooms.

It should not, however, be confused with the Sonos One. These are different devices entirely and, while they carry many similar features, this one functions primarily as a speaker whereas the One acts as a form of Amazon Alexa.

The Play:1 does have Alexa support, though. You can sync it up to function as the Amazon AI minus a few features from the full device. This is a far better implementation than the Sonos One, though (try not to get too confused). Bluetooth is available, as well as multi-room listening.

That’s the true draw of the Play:1 or rather, all the Sonos devices. Each can be synced together, so you can music in any room in your house. What’s even better is that the Playbase (a soundbar from Sonos) can be the centerpiece of a home theater setup, with the Play:1s acting as bookshelf speakers.

UE Boom 2 – $99.99

The Boom 2 is much more in the vein of the Fugoo Style XL, with excellent bracing, capable of standing up to even the roughest beatings. The Boom 2 is meant to be the life of the party, being able to be thrown around while still producing great sound.

However, it can still be used in a small room, and with great results. The 360-degree sound works very well, spreading evenly throughout the room. Passive radiators keep the bass full, without overpowering the drivers, giving a solid and consistent low-end.

You can take it outside, too. Up to 150 UE devices can be changed together through the UE app to create a massive sound. Indoor or outdoor, it doesn’t matter. Inside the app, there are also controls for EQ, playlists, and more.

If you don’t fancy the app, you can use your voice. The Boom 2 has complete support for both Siri and Google Now, with a built-in microphone for controlling the AI and taking calls. Worry not, though, the IPX7 waterproofing ensures that the microphone is well protected, even when fully submerged.

Soundwall – Varies

This one is a bit of a strange entry on our list, or rather a strange speaker overall. Still, it’s a very fitting speaker for a small room. The Soundwall takes a piece of art, is fit to hang on a wall, and puts a Bluetooth speaker inside of it.

Strange? Yes. Cool? Oh, absolutely. The Soundwall is one of the most unique pieces of audio equipment we’ve ever encountered. It does, however, make perfect sense for a small room. With a lack of space, putting the speaker up on the wall is very helpful.

Something strange happened acoustically too. The speaker sits on the edges of the frame, pushing off against the wall on which the fixture is hung on. This fills the room with a surprisingly natural sound. As opposed to pushing off against the wall, the sound hits it at an angle, creating a wonderful depth in the room.

Soundwall does completely custom work, so the cost varies per customer. As with many custom products, it’s difficult to make a value proposition, especially when there’s nothing in the market to compare it to. It’s expensive, yes, but it’s also completely unique. If you have the coin for it, a Soundwall is a great choice.

Hult Design Pavilion Speaker – $339.99

Another very unique speaker, the Hult Design Pavilion speaker is one of the coolest looking audio devices we’ve ever seen. It uses concrete – yes, concrete – as a foundation for the cabinet, seeking to snuff out any unwelcome vibrations that could result from a cheaper build.


It began as a Kickstarter sensation, being fully funded only shortly after launching on the platform. Its commitment to great audio, with beautiful looks, is apparent. The Pavilions manage a look all their own, with a cabinet design unrivaled by any speaker.

Underneath all of that, though, is a 20W full-range speaker, meant to be used as a single unit in a room. At this power, it’s a great choice for a small room as it’s enough to get loud without too many nasty reflections happening.

You can connect to the speaker either through the 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth. At the bottom, there’s a USB input for charging the internal battery, and the top features American white oak with engraved controls. Everything about this speaker oozes elegance and, while it is quite pricey, it’s a conversation piece for the ages.


There are quite a few different speakers suitable for small rooms, so certainly take your time to shop around. If we could cover every single one, there would be no time to write other articles. However, these five are some of the best we’ve found, with a few unique pieces thrown in for consideration.

The Fugoo Style XL is the most versatile as it strikes a balance between the indoor and outdoor realms. It’s suitable for both, looking great and sounding great no matter where you put it. However, options like the Soundwall or Hult Pavilion present options you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

However, the choice of speaker is up to you, so which one are you going with? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading.

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