Quantum 910 Gaming Headset Review & Unboxing: A Rock-Solid Headset for Gamers & Music Lovers

The Quantum 910 gaming headset from JBL offers exquisite sound with few shortcomings, making it worth the heftier price tag. It opens you up to a new world of refined sound quality if you’ve been settling for lesser headsets and sets the stage for a more optimal listening experience with any media. This headset is aimed at appeasing gamers but can be used effectively in various settings. It gave me a memorable experience that enthralls my gaming sessions, and I’m here to elaborate.

Despite its epic sound, nothing is flawless, and I’m here to give you a rundown of my first impressions and overall opinion before you consider purchasing it at around $300. With a price tag like that, you should expect to receive a professional sound at the very least, and the Quantum 910 headset certainly delivers. I’m an avid gamer and have tried many headsets over the years with varying results. Overall, this one stood out as a more viable option to maximize enjoyment across any system.

After weighing the pros & cons, it’s worth your consideration, which is what we will be doing here while exploring the key features so you can see if this particular headset is something worth pursuing. After using this product for hours across multiple platforms, I can confidently say I’m your trusted expert in elucidating the most important aspects of this higher-quality gaming headset. So let’s put them on and take a listen together!

Bottom Line Up Front

The Quantum 910 Gaming Headset from JBL was a joy to unbox and use for music and gaming. I loved the design from the start and appreciated the attention to detail with the LED lighting that caught my eye immediately upon turning on. It was professionally packaged in a satisfying box with all the added goodies inside, enhancing my experience and accommodating me.

The design is excellent for my taste because I enjoy flashy technology that is straight out of the modern era of gaming. The sound performance left me floored with nothing to be desired. Durability was acceptable, but I expected more with the higher price. Still, it made up for it with adequate battery life and some killer software that made it a pleasure to use!

quantum 910 gaming headset out of box min scaled
Image by Trevor Abbott

The Unboxing Experience

I was highly pleased when unboxing the Quantum 910 Gaming headset from JBL, and it started with the aesthetic quality of the box. It looks incredibly appealing on the outside with attention to detail while showing all the key features and displaying an art design that took time and consideration. I enjoyed the holographic quality that made the box pop, and it was sealed nicely to prevent slipping. After removing the cover revealed a slick black box made of high-quality material that was easy to open.

After opening the box, it appeared organized, with the headset conveniently stored away in a superb cloth bag that stunned me. It was pristine and protected after opening to reveal an impressively designed headset that caught my attention. It also came with various other accessories, as expected from higher-quality products.

These were tucked away underneath the product in an organized fashion. Multiple components were all separately organized, so it didn’t feel cluttered. It came with a slight charge, so I recommend charging yours for the whole time before using it for longevity.

I was so impressed with the package that I didn’t want to throw it away. The only thing I might add would be a cleaning microcloth to remove smudges and fingerprints after long-term use. The instruction manual was comprehensive and gave all the details necessary to get started without excessive information. It was essentially a quick-start guide so you can get down to business, which is suitable for gamers who are notoriously impatient at times.

jbl quantum 910 detail commandes
Image by Trevor Abbott

JBL Quantum 910 Gaming Headset Features

My Initial Impression

I’m generally somewhat picky regarding headsets and equipment, but I often don’t go for headsets at this price range. I’ve never tried anything from JBL until now, and my first impressions are highly positive compared to other brands. Right out of the box, I was happy with the aesthetic quality and overall feel of the JBL Quantum 910 Gaming Headset. It had a certain appeal and aura that sat well with me before even placing it on my head to try for the first time.

It had everything needed for a versatile experience, including the optional cord to connect to my controller. Upon listening to my first track, It took a bit of time to adjust to the right level, but it was music to my ears when I heard the crisp, refined sound that left me satisfied and wanting more. The following gaming session after unboxing was filled with refreshing audio that immersed me deep into a gaming trance unlike ever before!

jbl quantum 910 gaming headset initial impression
Image by Trevor Abbott

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Despite technological advances, finding an ergonomic headset that will suit your taste in the modern world is still difficult. The Quantum 910 Gaming Headset stood out for its incredibly ergonomic design when resting on the ears and creating a comfortable seal to maximize audio potential. It has excellent versatility because you can use it for gaming, music, or even business.

I usually have issues with too-tight or bulky headsets, but this one felt right with the perfect amount of pressure on my ears. It is adjustable with precise measurements so you can find the best fit. It’s on the heavier side for being plastic, but that’s okay, considering my main problem has always been the headset squeezing my head excessively, cutting off blood flow, and reducing sensation around the ears.

I was especially fond of the sufficient memory foam on this headset, crafted for extended use, and I appreciated the quality immensely. You can easily adjust chat and gaming volume on the headset itself, and it makes for a quick transition for seamless gameplay and chat transitions.

It may not look like it’s worth 300 dollars, but after turning it on, I was satisfied with the aesthetic appeal of the lights. At first glance, it seems like your average headset with nothing too special regarding durability, but where it lacks slightly in the design for the price, you get many redeeming features to accompany it.

jbl quantum 910 wireless teaser

Exquisite Sound Performance

The most important part about getting a headset is the sound quality, which truly shines as one of the best audio experiences I’ve ever had. I tested it with both quiet classical music & heavy metal to get a good idea of the range, and it handled them both extraordinarily well. You can tell that they aren’t messing around regarding superb audio, and I appreciated it and reveled in the otherworldly soundscape.

Listening to music or playing games is about drowning out the world around you and gaining therapeutic benefits. I enjoy experimenting with various healing tones along with different types of music that can pose a problem for lesser-quality headsets, but the Quantum 910 headset could handle anything I listened to with remarkable audio precision. This device’s sound performance shines the most, in my opinion, and I was captivated by each song and enjoyed gaming much more thanks to it.

jbl quantum 910 wireless technology

Acceptable Durability

The JBL Quantum 910 headset is only acceptable regarding durability, but it could be better for this price range. I expect this quality to be around 150-200 dollars instead. Don’t get me wrong, the plastic is highly durable, but it just has a cheaper quality than I expected it would based on the appeal of the box and the price. I would be concerned if I dropped it because the sides seem loosely attached to the phones, and some disheartening exposed wires aren’t my cup of tea.

Still, I can foresee this headset lasting a long time despite its shortcomings in durability. The mic is somewhat flimsy and makes a strange clicking sound when put down or up, which isn’t ideal, but the sound quality is good when used for chatting or listening to others. The padding on the head and sides seem durable enough and are both comfortable with material that will last with extended use. I like how it feels, but it’s too heavy, especially for a plastic headset.

Decent Battery Life

I appreciate the long 39-hour battery life and the ability to charge while gaming because that’s a major inconvenience when you have to stop gaming from charging. When I get fixated on a game, I can play almost the entire night to beat that elusive level and take home the victory. This requires a more robust battery life and the ability to plug in during any game in case of a low battery emergency.

It could be an even longer battery life, but it’s sufficient. I’m not a fan of the total charging period, which is approximately four hours. Even if it looks cool while charging, I prefer a fast-charge option that gets it over much quicker than hours of hanging my headset up.

Outstanding Software

I was thoroughly impressed with the software options with the JBL 910 Quantum Gaming Headset because it can fine-tune your audio experience while gaming or listening to tunes. The interface is highly intuitive and grants you the option of equalizing audio with the app, including preset options and the ability to change it according to your needs.

I had fun boosting the bass and getting some fantastic results. The Quantum engine became my best friend when I realized its potential in equalizing chat, mic sidetone, & overall audio balance for the perfect mix.

The most exciting option regarding the software that I found made this headset worth the price tag is the spatial sound choices available. They include three profiles that I experimented with and enjoyed, which were balanced, immersive, & precise options. 7.1 surround sound is also a nice treat, along with the ability to calibrate the sound perfectly for your ears.

You feed the app information about your ear and shape so that it adapts and gives you the most intricate fine-tuned results for an optimal listening experience. This truly shocked me and made my eyes wide with delight while calibrating to create a soundscape that was harmonious with my head.

What Comes in the Box

Quantum 910 Gaming Headset
Image by Trevor Abbott

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering what you’ll be getting for 300 dollars, and it’s a worthy question considering the price tag. When I saw it, I expected all the bases to be covered, and it was a home run. Here, I will explain what to expect when you purchase the Quantum 910 Gaming Headset. The headset itself comes in a silk pouch and keeps your headset protected on the go. Other than that, these are the items you will attain to complement your purchase and enhance things further.

  • Calibration Microphone
  • USB charging cable
  • 3.5 MM audio cable
  • USB-C to USB-A converter
  • USB Wireless Dongle
  • Detachable windshield Foam for mic
  • Warranty card and safety sheet
  • Owner’s manual with quick start guide

Overall Thoughts & Personal Experience

jbl quantum test

Overall, I’m highly impressed with the quality of this device. Its exceptional design and supreme highs and lows strike a perfect balance and give you crisp audio that is hard to match in the current market. You could say this is as good as it gets for the most part and provides stellar audio that will enhance your games so you get more enjoyment out of them. Even older games sound way better than usual when utilizing this headset.

I did not feel like a trapped sensation that I was used to. It is now my go-to headset with exceptional versatility and sound control, making adjusting during gaming a breeze. I’ll admit that the price might be a bit high, but it’s worth it to attain the higher level of focus and enjoyment from gaming that we all crave.

Suppose you want to become more immersed in games or have difficulty concentrating. Changing your outlook with a headset like this will be exciting; I know it was for me. I was happy with all the features, but the main issues have always been comfort and sound quality. You get both with this device, even if it’s a pretty penny.

The Quantum 910 gaming headset from JBL will change your world and rekindle your love for gaming with immersive sound quality that’s immensely gratifying. This headset can do anything, and I’m especially fond of the long battery life. Quality and longevity are highlighted with this product, and I’m confident in recommending it to dedicated gamers but not those on a budget.

My experience with this headset over the approximately 20 hours of use has been highly positive. Listening to music and becoming more accustomed to the pristine sound has done wonders for my psyche!

Quantum 910 Gaming Headset Pros & Cons


  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Extreme padding for outstanding comfort
  • Many features make it all-encompassing
  • The height of prestigious sound quality
  • A sleek & satisfying design
  • Crystal clear mic audio with noise & echo cancellation
  • Wireless with Bluetooth
  • Extremely long battery life and charging while playing


  • Heavier than expected and may hurt smaller necks
  • It’s pretty expensive but targeted at the serious gamer with longevity.
  • The microphone cannot detach
  • The microphone is visible in the peripheral when up
  • The headset gets rather warm around your head after a while
  • Some may not like the exposed cords and how the phones twist around

Final Verdict: 9/10

Quantum 910 Gaming Headset
Image by Trevor Abbott

I couldn’t ask for a better headset except for a few minor durability issues. That said, no headset is perfect, and there never will be because this isn’t an ideal world. Still, this one had me raving to my friends about how I attained this incredible gem of a headset, and they were inquiring about how dramatically my audio improved.

I’m more excited to play games now that I have the Quantum 910 gaming headset in my arsenal, and playing old games is a brand-new experience, thanks to it. I’m discovering new sounds I never perceived before while enjoying socializing and music to the highest degree.

Decision-Making Tips

  • If you’re on a budget, consider something else perhaps.
  • If durability and higher-quality materials are a concern, this might not be your headset.
  • This is a great headset for a fine-tuned audio experience.
  • This headset emphasizes features and sound quality over anything else
  • It’s better to snag this product when it’s on sale
  • If flashing LED lights aren’t your thing, then you may want to avoid
  • It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for the highest-quality audio experience

Alternatives for Your Consideration

Audeze Maxwell

audeze maxwell headset

The Audeze Maxwell headset is often compared to the JBL Quantum 910 and is the same price with similar features. Some swear by it, and it’s worth considering if you aren’t sold on the Quantum 910. It has a much higher battery life and an impressive and fast-charge feature in 20 minutes, making it stand out.

The materials have also been crafted to be more sturdy. The audio will yield similar results and maybe even better in some respects. The Audeze Maxwell also has exceptional latency reduction with 90mm Planar Magnetic Drivers that have won various awards for their stability and overall functionality for the serious gamer.

Arctis Nova 7

arctis nova 7

Enjoy the perks of High Fidelity Drivers with the Arctis Nova 7 that can give other headsets a run for their money and provide a similar experience to the JBL Quantum 910. The Parametric EQ is unique and can’t be found anywhere else. It features an AI-powered mic with noise cancellation, so everything is consistently perfect with fine-tuned adjustments.

This headset utilizes a new technology known as sonar, which allows you to perceive enemies before they get to a specific location. It provides a significant advantage to shooters. It also has a slightly higher battery life than the JBL Quantum 910 headset.

JBL Quantum 810

jbl quantum 810

The JBL Quantum 810 is a good compromise if you’re not looking to dish out 300 dollars for the 910, as it will give you results that are still amazing without breaking your budget. If you’re interested in trying the JBL brand, then this would be an excellent entry-level option as an alternative to get a taste of the higher sound quality. It has many of the same features as the 910 and will satiate most lower-budget gamers.

Some features include active noise cancellation, playing and charging, a directional microphone, a comfortable design, and superior audio compared to other lower-quality headsets. It also has dual surround sound for an accurate and immersive audio experience worth considering.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 

turtle beach stealth 700 

Ah, the classic vibe of a Turtle Beach headset. This alternatives list wouldn’t be complete without it, and it’s a fantastic option that’s less than the Quantum 910 gaming headset at around 200 dollars. One of the most prominent features includes the Nanoclear Speakers, which give you supreme immersive surround sound to enjoy the height of gaming sound quality.

If you’re worried about overheating with other headsets, this one features a gel-cooled memory foam with ProSpecs so you can game for hours and not feel like you’re in a sauna. Turtle Beach has always been a good brand with great dependability, and you will find some of the same features as the JBL 910 here, such as lag reduction technology, long battery life, and exceptional sound clarity.

Quantum 910 Gaming Headset Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you charge and play simultaneously with this headset?

Answer: Unlike many headsets on the market, you won’t have to put down this one when gaming, so you don’t miss a beat. We all know that feeling in your stomach when there’s a critical moment, and your headset dies. It’s like losing a pet. This fantastic feature allows you to charge while playing seamlessly, so you gain more consistency during each of your online matches.
You will also remain connected to chat while playing without any disconnection anxiety that can make all the difference during heated competitive moments.

Question: Is the Quantum 910 gaming headset comfortable for long-term gaming and music?

Answer: Indeed, the Quantum 910 gaming headset is highly comfortable for long gaming & music sessions and is designed with the serious sound enthusiast in mind. It doesn’t squeeze your head too much and fits perfectly around the ears for the most comfortable experience possible.
This headset was very impressive because it’s ergonomically designed for the ears. It rests nicely on the head and is breathable, so you don’t feel overheated. You can listen to games and music for hours while forgetting it’s even there.

Question: Does this headset give you a professional audio experience with surround sound?

Answer: This professional high-quality headset gives you surround sound to hear all the subtleties behind your audio in any context. Sound designers enhance their games and music to provide an optimal experience, but it’s up to you to get higher-quality products to experience them fully.
This headset will give you an optimal surround sound experience that’s next level, and you will be more aware of what’s going on and how to distinguish between sounds. It’s perfect for competitive gaming but works equally well with casual play to enjoy an addicting single-player campaign.

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