1More Quad Driver Earbuds Review: Will You Love These?

1More Quad Driver Earbuds Review

1More only does one thing: make headphones. And they do it pretty well. Primarily focused on inexpensive earbuds in the past, the company has blossomed into something special, with high-end offerings that still give an amazing value.

That’s where the flagship Quad Driver earbuds come into play. This pair of headphones clocks in with a generous price tag of $200, but with plenty of features to boot. The all-aluminum design gives rigidity and a luxurious feel that still manages to take a back seat to the exceptional tuning of all four drivers.

1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones
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02/24/2024 08:45 pm GMT


Type In-ear
Sensitivity 99 dB
Connections Gold plated 3.5mm
Frequency Response 20-40,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ω
Weight 18.5 g
Cable Length 1.25 m
Rated Power 5 mW
Price $199.99

Design and Build Quality

It doesn’t take long to realize these earbuds are special. Even without popping them in, you can see how the construction and attention to detail lend themselves to a superb pair of headphones.

However, let’s start outside of the headphones. Included in the package is a leather-carrying pouch that seals magnetically. This addition is huge as the box not only looks great but is very sturdy as well. It’s small enough to fit just about anywhere, with a slightly bigger clearance than the earbuds themselves, leaving room for the included ¼- inch adapter.

Also included are ear tips in nine different sizes, both in rubber and foam, as well as a silver shirt clip that matches the earbuds. All of this comes neatly in a sturdy box, making the initial reception of the earbuds a joy to experience.

The headphones themselves stand up to this level of excellence as well. The all-aluminum body makes these earbuds about as rigid as they come.

Just because they can take it, you won’t want to give these earbuds a beating, though. The metal is beautiful, brushed slightly, with a red accent separating the drivers from the stem. They’re gorgeous, and, despite playing with them for a few weeks, I still appreciate the look.

There are some disadvantages to metal construction, though. Naturally, the headphones are heavier, so they don’t feel the same as cheap earbuds when you put them in. For my ear shape, I prefer the heavier feel to these earbuds because the fit is more secure. They aren’t like weights in your ears, but you should note that the Quad Drivers will feel a bit heavy.

Also, something to note is the temperature. These are metal earbuds and, because of that, they retain temperature. It’s not the end of the world, and certainly, nothing 1More can avoid, but it should be pointed out before the jolt of putting in chilly earbuds. Thankfully, the temperature adjusts to your body within a minute.

Overall, the 1More Quad Drivers are built to stand up to a beating, but still manage a luxurious feel. It really is the full package, with all the goodies you need that don’t feel thrown in. These earbuds are an experience and all of the accessories just enhance that.


There is a lot going on under the hood with the Quad Drivers. 1More has managed to pack practical features into these earbuds that make the ease of use simple, and the audio pristine.

Starting off that list is a stylish, but useful cord. The 1.25-meter cable features an exposed wrapping, so you can see the neatly intertwined wire inside. In the middle of the cyclone of cables is a Kevlar core.

This provides two things. First, it’s highly unlikely that the cord will break. Kevlar is eight times stronger than steel wire, but still very light. You won’t notice the Kevlar is there, but you’ll be thankful that it is.

The wires themselves are made from oxygen-free copper. This cleans up the audio as it travels the length of the cable, helping achieved that official Hi-Res status. Together, the Kevlar and oxygen-free copper combine to produce something special with the Quad Drivers, in a cable that is lightweight, durable, and critical to the audio.

The earbuds sit at a 45-degree angle. For in-ear headphones, this is perfect. An angle like this matches your ear canal, ensuring a proper fit (no more pinching the top of your ear and pulling) as well as proper noise isolation.

As mentioned in the previous section, the earbuds are slightly heavier, but that doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable. The angled tips and curved design of the body actually provide little to no fatigue at all. These earbuds don’t float in your ears but instead, rest perfectly inside with a constant reminder of how awesome they are.

Of course, the feature list is bowed up neatly with all of the included accessories like the 9 ear tips in both foam and rubber, and the gold-plated ¼-inch adaptor. These earbuds pack everything in outside of the sound, and thankfully, don’t disappoint sonically either.

Sound Quality

If all the design-build, features, and extra goodies didn’t sell you on the Quad Drivers, then the sound will. 1More’s innovative design lends itself to an experience unlike any I’ve had with earbuds before.

Let’s start with the design for which the earbuds are named. The Quad Drivers have, unsurprisingly, four separate drivers inside of them, similar to how a floor-standing speaker would handle audio.

The first is a diamond-like carbon driver that handles midrange and bass. This ultra-rigid (and light) material transfers sub frequencies with ease. Bass is tight and defined, pumping in all of the places you want it to, and skipping out of the flabby lower mids.

This driver also handles all of the midranges as well. Mids are beautiful on the Quad Drivers. They aren’t too recessed or too pronounced, defining the areas that need to be defined without sound too cut up.

Moving up in frequency are two armatures dedicated to the highs. These guys are going to handle most of the upper mids and the high-end. Spreading this area across two drivers gives both a wider soundstage, as well as a more detailed top-end.

Instead of being shrill, the highs are present without every offending. Ice-Picking at your ears feels like a thing of the past, and the top-end presented with the Quad Drivers will probably ruin most other pairs of earbuds for you. The highs are lovely and detailed.

The last armature deals exclusively with the extreme highs for which the official Hi-Res certificate promises. This extends the official frequency response up to 40kHz, an impressive number that pushes the boundaries of what humans can actually hear.

While you won’t be able to hear up to 40kHz, you will be able to experience the residual effect. Every piece of audio sounds pristine, giving an insight into the nuances that come at ultra-high frequencies. Pieces of music have a new life, and these earbuds will help bring out new elements in your old favorites.

Even though the design, build, and feature list is impressive with the Quad Drivers, all of that is still overshadowed by the exceptional audio quality. These earbuds sing, and, for me, provide a lasting piece of audio gear that I can always enjoy.

Alternatives to Consider

1More Triple Driver

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones
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02/23/2024 11:56 am GMT

If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that provide a similar experience to the Quad Drivers for half the price, then these earbuds are for you. These bad boys have the same internal design as the Quad Drivers but without the ultra-high armature.

In the end, you lose out on the “packaged” feel of the Quad Drivers, but still, gain a wonderful experience that is more than worth the price.

Jaybird X3

JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset
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02/24/2024 02:06 pm GMT

The Jaybird X3s are a lovely pair of wireless earbuds, that don’t hold up to the Quad Drivers in terms of audio quality and build but still provide some other nice incentives. The all-plastic and rubberized finished is built for those who work out a load, and that’s where the value of these earbuds really shines.

The wireless functionality is also nice for those who exercise a lot, but at the lose of amazing sounding audio. If form and function don’t matter as much practicality, then these earbuds may be for you.

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The 1More Quad Drivers are some of the best earbuds I have ever used. The sleek and stylish look feels luxurious, and the overall package takes it over the edge. Even with that, the sound of the earbuds is what really sells it, making everything else just like icing on a damn good cake.

Make sure you pick up a pair today.

Have you used 1More products? Let us know and, as always, thanks for reading.

1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/24/2024 08:45 pm GMT

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