Audioengine A2+ Review: Are They Worth Buying?

With our Audioengine A2+ review, we’ll get to the bottom of these desktop speakers to find out if they are worth the money.

We’ve had a look at several Audioengine speakers before, including the beautiful Audioengine A5+, and now it’s time to turn our attention to the A2+ speakers.

In our comprehensive review, we’ll look at all the different features of these speakers as well as their overall pros and cons. You’ll discover some alternatives that are available too.

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    Key specifications of Audioengine A2+

    Before we do get into the core features of these speakers, here are the main specifications.

    Total Power 30w
    Frequency Response 65 Hz – 22 kHz
    Bluetooth Yes
    Other connections AUX, dual analog input, USB, RCA input, Subwoofer output
    Remote Control No
    Dimensions 5.25” x 4”
    Warranty 3-year Limited Warranty
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    Core features of Audioengine A2+

    These desktop speakers do come with a load of features that enhance their functionality. You can find the main features of the Audioengine A2+ speakers below.

    audioengine a2+


    The fact that these speakers come with Bluetooth means that they can extend beyond simple speakers that you use with your computer.

    They aren’t bookshelf speakers as such – and we’ll explore the sound quality later on – but with Bluetooth connectivity, they can go beyond simply sitting beside your desktop or laptop.

    So, you can connect your phone or tablet to the A2+ speakers and play music or whatever you like without having to wire it directly to the speakers. You’ll find an obvious ‘pair’ button on the back.

    Even though Bluetooth has been a fairly standard feature over the years in many speakers, it is still a nice feature of these desktop models.


    One thing to definitely say about these speakers is that they are pretty small.

    Their overall dimensions are 5.25” x 4” inches so they will sit snugly on a desk. This doesn’t mean that they don’t offer good performance but they might be more compact than what you are expecting.

    Not that this is a particularly bad thing. It makes them easy to move about if you need and they won’t take up a whole lot of space sitting beside your computer. They are definitely ideal speakers for small rooms given their size and sound output.

    Check out how A2+ compares to A5+ in our full comparison here.


    These speakers have a variety of connections.

    This includes USB, RCA input, output for a subwoofer as well as dual analog audio inputs. So, you have a variety of wired and physical connections with these speakers. The subwoofer output is a nice addition if you do want to enhance the sound. You can hook pretty much any subwoofer up although be wary of being a bit overkill.

    It also has Bluetooth which we went into a bit more detail above so there is a wireless connection available as well.

    Sound quality

    The Audioengine A2+ speakers have 30w power with a frequency response of 65 Hz – 22 kHz.

    For the size of these speakers, the sound quality is pretty good. You do need to angle them upwards to get the best performance. If you don’t, certain high sounds do come across as quite muted and low.

    There isn’t much in the way of distortion either unless you have both the speaker volume and phone volume (if you connect via Bluetooth) ramped right up. Even then it is fairly minimal albeit you will notice it.

    For normal listening levels, it is hard to have many complaints. If you are after a deep subwoofer type noise from these speakers you’ll be left disappointed but for what they are, the sound quality is decent.

    Different genres perform very well with the A2+ so you shouldn’t really notice a massive difference in quality when you play different types of music.


    audioengine a2+ speakers

    Like most Audio engine speakers, the A2+ look great. These speakers have a really good aesthetic to them.

    They have a pretty sleek design and you can find them in three different colors – black, red and white. Even though these are ‘wireless’ speakers, you still need to run a cable from the left speaker to the right speaker. So, not completely wireless but close enough.

    You’ll also find a volume knob for sound control as well.

    One issue we have found with the design of the A2+ is the fact that you need to angle them to get the best performance. You can buy Audioengine stands that are purposely made for these speakers. This angles them slightly so they point right towards you. It does help the overall sound quality but it is something that is a bit of a design flaw.

    All the connection ports are clearly marked and labeled so you shouldn’t have any problems plugging in different connections. In fact, overall these speakers are easy to use and really are a simple plug and play model.

    That being said, these speakers do look the part even though they are pretty small. The fact they need angled is a bit of a downside but isn’t as big a deal as it is made out to be.


    You get a 3-year limited warranty with these speakers.

    This is fairly good as a lot of companies will perhaps only offer two years. So, definitely, the warranty is a positive feature of the Audioengine A2+.

    How do the Audioengine A2+ speakers perform?

    Given the overall small size of the Audioengine A2+ speakers, we weren’t expecting anything groundbreaking in terms of their performance.

    However, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sound that these speakers put out. They might be small but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer a very good noise quality.

    As desktop speakers, they perform admirably. OK, they won’t produce a high enough noise level to fill a medium-sized or big room but that isn’t that they have been designed for.

    Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Speaker Bluetooth speakers

    You do need to angle them to get the best results. Without using a stand or something to wedge them to point upwards you’ll notice a decrease in the sound quality.

    Overall there is a clean and realistic sound with these speakers. At very high levels you will come across some distortion and if you are seeking exceptionally deep bass then you’d be best looking elsewhere. They can work as bookshelf speakers but their performance means they are best left to sitting beside your computer.

    We don’t have many gripes with the performance given the size and cost.

    Pros of Audioengine A2+ speakers

    Even though these speakers are quite small, they pack quite a punch.

    Bluetooth connectivity

    We do really like the fact that they come with Bluetooth. While it might be a fairly standard connection, having this functionality on a small set of speakers is a bit plus. It allows an easy way to play music from your phone and you link up any Bluetooth enabled device.

    Compact size

    While some people might be put off by how small these speakers are, as desktop speakers for your computer they are the perfect size. They won’t take up a ton of room but can still emit good sound quality.


    The Audioengine A2+ speakers look great as well. They have a really sleek design that will be right at home in a modern set up.

    They come in three colors – black, red and white – so you can easily match them up with a home office or casual computer-style in your home.

    Sound quality

    The speakers sound good for their size and their cost. I mean, they are far from the very best on the market but what do you expect?

    If you are after a compact set of desktop speakers that have a good sound quality with really any kind of music you want to play, it is difficult to go wrong. There is a connection for a subwoofer if you really want to enhance the audio.


    The A2+ speakers have a number of connection ports to extend the overall functionality. This includes AUX, dual analog input, USB, RCA input, and Subwoofer output. The USB connectivity is particularly welcome as many speakers often just have a USB port for charging. With the A2+ speakers, you can play music from a USB device.


    The 3-year warranty with these speakers is another plus point. It gives a good level of coverage and is a bit more than you often get with similar products.

    Best for Wireless Connectivity
    Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Speaker
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      Cons of Audioengine A2+ speakers

      These are some of the downsides of the A2+ speakers.

      You need to angle the speakers

      This is a small annoyance with the design but it is something that does bring these speakers down a bit. Unless you angle them properly, the sound isn’t going to point straight to your ears.

      You can buy a fairly inexpensive stand which is tailored for these specific speakers or you can even use something to wedge them to get the proper angle. Something to take into consideration because it can be an annoyance.

      The sound quality is OK

      We have already written about the sound quality is pretty decent for the size of these speakers and their functionality.

      If you are looking for something more powerful with deeper bass and a really high-quality experience, these speakers aren’t for you. They do a great job at what they are built for, but filling up a medium or large room with sound isn’t one of them.

      Are there any alternatives?

      Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System


      Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX

      As a more budget-conscious alternative to the A2+ speakers, you have the option of the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System.

      This is a three-piece kit and does come in a good bit cheaper than the A2’s. It doesn’t come with wireless connectivity or Bluetooth which is a bit disappointing however the emphasis here is on a cheaper product that still offers good sound.

      This speaker system has two 35w speakers with a 130w subwoofer. Having the subwoofer included is a really nice addition to this system. Usually, this needs to be bought as an extra but it comes in one package. It means you can really boost the bass and deep sounds of your music.

      The Klipsch MicroTractrix horn is there to reduce distortion and sound disruption when the volume is cranked up. There are a few connection options with these speakers too. This includes a headphone jack, dual stereo analog inputs, and a wired connection to your computer.

      It is easy to use these speakers and they have volume knobs and controls.

      Overall, a pretty good set of desktop speakers for your computer. The added bonus of a subwoofer is a big plus and they offer good sound quality and a reasonable price. You can read our full review on these speakers here.

      Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speaker

      Audioengine A5+ Plus Wireless Speaker

      For anyone that wants to stick with Audioengine but wants something different than the A2s, the Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speaker is the option to go for.

      They are a bit more expensive but we have to say, these speakers really do look the part. Aside from the standard white and black models, there is a lovely looking bamboo effect finish available too.

      The A5’s are perhaps more suited as a bookshelf speaker system however that isn’t to say they can’t be utilized on your computer desk. They have 3.5mm and RCA inputs which will seamlessly connect to a variety of devices. There is Bluetooth with these speakers too which adds an additional way to connect.

      These speakers have a combined output of 150w which is pretty powerful and ideal if you want a loud sound that will fill a room.

      Really these speakers are very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. They work great as a computer speaker set up, as a bookshelf system, or even just for use with your TV. A bit on the expensive side but worth it for what you get.

      We had a look at the A5+ speakers in depth before, if you want to read our previous review you can do so here.


      Question: Do the Audioengine A2+ speakers come with a stand?

      Answer: No. They don’t come with a stand but it is recommended you get one so the speakers are titled which will provide a better sound experience.

      Question: Can I use any subwoofer with the Audioengine A2+ speakers?

      Answer: You should be able to use any subwoofer with these speakers. However, they are quite small and designed for compact spaces. A smaller and less powerful subwoofer would work better with these speakers.

      Question: Can I connect the Audioengine A2+ speakers to a games console?

      Answer: Even though there is USB connectivity with these speakers, the recommended setup is to connect your games console to your TV via an HDMI connection and then connect the speakers directly to your TV.

      Question: Does the Audioengine A2+ speakers have a warranty?

      Answer: Yes. You get a 3-year warranty with these speakers.

      Question: Can I use headphones with the Audioengine A2+ speakers?

      Answer: Yes. These speakers come with a 3.5mm jack so you can plug headphones into them.

      Final thoughts – get the Audioengine A2+ if you want decent sound with compact speakers

      The Audioengine A2+ speakers do offer decent sound for their size.

      They aren’t going to fill a medium or large room with a deep bass but they are a decent choice as desktop speakers to hook up to your computer.

      We really like it quite a lot about these speakers. The Bluetooth connectivity is welcomed and they are compact so they fit nicely on a desk. The design of the speakers is pretty good as well and they definitely have a modern vibe. There are a variety of connection options that really do extend the functionality.

      While there are some issues such as the fact you need to angle them to get the best results, we can’t have too many complaints.

      They do what they are supposed to and they offer good value for money. They offer a decent sound experience in small size and if that is just what you need, you can’t really go wrong with the Audioengine A2+ speakers.

      Best for Wireless Connectivity
      Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Speaker
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        We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
        11/28/2021 12:08 am GMT


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