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On July 10th at 6 pm Pacific Time, the sale to end all sales will commence. Amazon’s Prime Day 2017 promises to be the biggest marathon of specials to date.

Hoping to break records (again) with the sheer volume of customers flocking to get the deals, this year’s Prime day has been extended from its original 24 hours to a full 30 hours. Sneak previews are available 24 hours in advance so customers can get ready for the shopping bonanza.

Creating a watchlist during the preview period is the best way to keep track of the most coveted items. A notification to your cell phone will let you know when the item has gone live, so you can be among the first to capture the great deal.

Active Running List of Headphone Deals for Prime Day

  • Turtle Beach Ear Force Deal: Save 46% on this deal here for these wireless gaming headphones / headset – Deal is LIVE now as a lightning deal (limited time)

High Volume Prime Day Categories

This year marks the third installment of Amazon’s Prime Day Sale. Starting in 2015, the one-day marathon was an instant success, breaking records and inspiring an annual shopping event. In spite of being criticized on social media for not having enough inventory on coveted items, Amazon used the insights of these shoppers to improve future Prime Day events.

Often touted as Black Friday in July, Amazon’s Prime Day sales event brings deals that consumers are actually seeking. Unlike other retailers that slash prices only on slow moving, dead space items, Amazon brings their Prime members money saving deals across 40 categories.

Electronics and sound technology are among the most sought-after categories. TV’s, tablets, audio devices and headphones all sell out at rapid-fire speeds. The extreme amounts of inventory sold are enough to humble even the fiercest competitors.

High End Headphones and Accessories for Every Want and Need

2016’s Amazon Prime Day saw over 200 000 headphones sold. With some of the hottest selling brands on the planet, this is one category that music lovers and audiophiles will surely be watching closely.

Amazon boasts an full selection of ear pieces for every want and need. Quality and good value is only enhanced during Prime Day, when members can find specialty headphones as well as many accessories up to 50% off. From ear buds to Bluetooth, over the ear or in the ear, every sub category is covered.

Ever popular sports and fitness headphones offer light weight comfort with specialized ear pieces that won’t slip while running or other work out activities. Water resistant to withstand changing wet weather as well as perspiration, without losing comfort and performance.

Offering exceptional sound quality, fitness headphones also include noise reduction technology, which buffers ambient noises and allows the listener to enjoy their music or audio without having to crank up the volume.

Wired or wireless, there is no shortage of high quality brands to choose from. Not to mention a slew of accessories, including everything from replacement buds to handy carrying cases.

Headphone Deals to Put on Your Watchlist

2016 saw some outstanding deals from the top brands in the industry. Bose SoundSport In-Ear headphones were a steal at 50% off. Not to mention other sought-after, best-selling brands like Beats by Dr. Dre, Sound Magic, B&O BeoPlay and Sony all showcasing staggering discounts for Amazon Prime members.

2017’s Prime Day sales event is sure to exceed previous years when it comes to headphones and accessories. Several brands are expected to be sold at tremendous savings, and well worth adding to your watch list.

24 hours before the sale begins, Prime Members can go to “Today’s Deals” and click on “Upcoming” to see which items are coming up for the sale marathon. While browsing headphones and accessories, consumers can expect to see several trusted and popular brands and models like these:

The anticipated list will be extensive and worthy of review. To add an item to your watchlist, simply click “Watch This Deal” and your cell phone will receive an alert when the model you are after goes live on the sales deck.

Not a Prime Member? Get Started for Free!

Amazon Prime is an private, members only, shopping club. For an annual fee of about $100, members enjoy special pricing and exclusive offers throughout the year. Members also have preferred pricing on music and video streaming, Kindle Unlimited and so much more.

Of-course, Prime Members are also in on the action when it comes to the Prime Day sale. The entire event is exclusive to its members, so there’s no better time to get acquainted with Amazon Prime.

New members get a free trial for 30 days, allowing them full access to all specials and offers, including everything that Prime Day has to offer its annual members. Students can also get a special starting offer, with a 6-month trial membership at no cost.

Lightening Deals, Voice Deals and Spotlight Deals

Amazon Prime Day is chocked full of amazing deals. Heavily discounted, some of these items, known as spotlight deals, have full inventory levels and, once live, will be available during the 30-hour sale until the item has sold out. If the item is showing 100% claimed on the deal status, simply add your name to the waitlist to be notified if more become available.

Other promotional items, known as Lightening Deals, are a little different.

Lightening deals strike fast and disappear faster. Set to go live as often as every five minutes, these deals are high value and limited. There is a time limit set on each lightening deal to claim it.

There are also limited quantities of each lightening item at the sale price. A status bar across the bottom of the item will let you know how many of the deals have been claimed. Once the timer is done or the item is 100% claimed, the lightening deal is over.

Voice Deals are another segment that offers select deals to those using the Alexa app on devices like Echo Dot and Amazon Tap. A shopping app that seeks out items you are searching for, simply as “Alexa, what are the deals” to gain access to specials only for voice shoppers.

Whether you’re a veteran member of Amazon Prime or just learning the ropes, the annual Prime Day event is one that you won’t want to miss. Always improving on previous successes, Amazon is promising to bring more deals, more inventory and break more records with the 2017 Prime Day Sale.

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