Bose 650 Review: Is This System Worth It?

bose 650 review

We know that not everyone is obsessed with having a state-of-the-art home entertainment system. But chances are good that if you’re reading this, you’re not one of those people. Lucky for you, we’re not either.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with the latest and greatest when it comes to home entertainment systems. One such entertainment system is the Bose Lifestyle 650. This system offers the sound you’ve been looking for to really make your home theater system stand out.

But it doesn’t just provide better sound. The 650 does more than that. For example, you’ll get a 5.1 surround sound experience sure to be the envy of anyone you entertain. When it comes to the Bose Lifestyle 650, you’re getting all the functionality and features you would expect from a high-end home entertainment system.

Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System

Bose is arguably one of the most recognizable speaker and home entertainment brands on the market today. They are innovators in their market and continue to reside near the top year after year. However, when it came to home entertainment systems, things didn’t come as easy for the company.

The Lifestyle 650 seems to be changing all that. This system is a significant step forward for the company in regards to the home entertainment system industry. One great example of this is the 360-degree sound feature offered by the system. This capability is due in large part to the Omni Jewel satellite speakers available with a 650 home entertainment system. This means you don’t have to have the speakers pointed at the listeners to create an excellent viewing and listening experience.

Through these speakers, you, your family, and your guests will be part of a system that uses infinite focal points to completely immerse you into the movie, show, or game that you’re watching. Another great feature you’ll enjoy with the Bose 650 is its ability to connect and integrate with multiple streaming services. Plus, it’s fully compatible with the latest and greatest media connections, which includes delivering content in 4K.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current home entertainment system setup, the features and functionality available with the Bose Lifestyle 650 are really worth considering. It’s a system designed to get the most out of your content. Whether you’re listening to your favorite album or watching your favorite movie, the Bose Lifestyle 650 is a great option. Let’s take a few minutes and dive a little deeper into this high-quality system to see what it really has to offer.

Are the speakers included in the Bose 650 Lifestyle system wireless?

The system’s rear speakers, along with the Acoustimass component, are designed to provide low bass impact when watching movies or listening to music. These pieces of the Bose 650 system are wireless, which means you can place them where it makes the most sense.
This wireless flexibility gives you the ability to put the speakers where you want them, without running into problems with wires or cables.

How do you turn up the bass on the Bose 650 Lifestyle system?

With the Bose 650 system remote, select the “More” option, then scroll down until you find AV settings. Once there, press “OK,” then scroll down again to find “System Settings.” At this point, you can adjust the bass, treble, surround, and center volumes on the system.

Should the Bose speakers be a certain distance from one another?

Bose suggests that the speakers should be at least two meters (six feet) apart from one another. Of course, this is just a recommendation, so you may need to vary the distance based on the conditions of the room or your personal preference.

Where in a room should the speakers be placed?

Recommendations from Bose on speaker placement suggest that they should be positioned so that they play out along the length of the room they’re in.
So, for instance, if you’re using your system for surround sound from your television, the couch or chairs would be placed in the middle of the room. Keep them so that they aren’t too close to the side or back walls.

At what height should surround sound speakers be positioned?

Bose recommends that the side speakers or tweeters in a surround sound system should reside roughly two feet above the ear level.

Final Thoughts on the Bose 650

If you’re looking for a solid surround sound system, the Bose 650 might be just what you need. The OmniJewel satellite speakers deliver high-quality sound no matter what you’re listening to. They’re so good, you’ll think the sound is coming from a specific area of the room.

This, of course, is the point, as it provides a completely immersive experience for anyone using the system. With low bass sounds from the Acoustimass and the OmniJewel speakers, anyone who uses this system is sure to have a pleasurable listening experience.

Additionally, the Bose ADAPTiQ automated calibration feature is nice to have. You don’t have to worry about calling in a professional to set your system up for you. Just let the Bose system do its thing, then you can get to enjoy your music or movies.

Overall, the Bose 650 system will provide high-quality sound in your home. Whether it’s streaming music from Spotify or watching your favorite movie on Amazon, you’re sure to have a pleasant experience with this system.

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