Polk Audio TSi300 Review

If you’re looking for a new tower speaker, then you may find my Polk Audio TSi300 review useful!

The TSi300 is part of Polk’s TSi series, including bookshelf speakers TSi100, TSi200, and comparable floor-standing models, the TSi400 and TSi500. Within the series is also Polks center speaker CS10.

So, what makes the TSi300 worth the investment?

Bottom Line Upfront

Polk Audio TSi300 tower speakers are good and affordable speakers without many drawbacks. I say good for it if you’re ready for a good tower speaker.

Let’s get into it deeper now.

To begin, the speakers are very much within the affordable price bracket, which is often a great advantage for some. But, in addition to this, they’re among the top-selling floor-standing speakers online at the moment. So, they’re cheap and popular; but does this mean they’re the best choice?

In this post, you will learn all about the Polk Audio TSi300 and my own personal opinion of the product.

Let’s dive into the full review of the Polk Audio TSi300.

Polk Audio Audio TSi300 Floorstanding Speaker | Amazon

Single versatile high performance floorstanding loudspeaker. Equipped with 1 inch silk/polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome tweeter.

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Key Specifications of the Polk Audio TSi300

Power Handling 20-200W
Sensitivity  90dB
Normal Impedance 8 Ohms
Frequency Response 35 Hz – 24,000 Hz
Speaker Type  Tower / Floor Standing
Wired or Wireless Wired
Bluetooth Technology No
Front Array Driver Complement (1) 1″ (2.54 cm) d (Round) Dynamic Balance drivers with silk dome tweeter – Tweeter


(2) 5.25″ (13.34 cm) d (Round) Dynamic Balance drivers with bi-laminate organic fiber cones – Mid/Woofer

Dimensions 11.5-in x 7-in x 7-in
Weight 26 lbs / 11.79 kg
Warranty 5 Years
Latest Price See Here

Polk Audio TSi300 Sound


The primary reason for wanting floor speakers is for a room-filling sound, which is apparent with the Polk Audio TSi300. I found the sound immaculate and sharp, which resulted in a very enjoyable listening experience.

Unfortunately, I did find the speakers to have a bit of punchy bass, with high frequencies in certain genres not quite perfect. However, in my opinion, the sound of the TSi300 is above average for its price point.

I found that the woofer’s cone’s size is relatively small compared to some other floor-standing speakers.

These speakers would make a good addition to a home theater system and are a solid choice for those wanting to optimize the sound when watching movies.

Read our guide on stereo Vs. surround sound to learn more about using floor-standing speakers as part of your home theater.

Polk Audio TSi300 Build Quality and Design 

Considered the most compact floor-standing speakers of the Polk TSi series, the TSi300 stands at just over 3 feet tall. The brand recommends them being paired with bookshelf speakers or integrated into a home theater system, but they are capable of being stand-alone speakers.

Their height is a little underwhelming, especially when most tower speakers can really be a focal point of a room. However, if the image is less of an issue, then it must be said that these speakers aren’t lacking in building quality.

The speakers make a good first impression due to their installed detachable clothe grille, which covers the entire front of the speakers. This design is pretty unique and contributes to the powerful volume the TSi300 is capable of.

There are two color options; black or cherry. Personally, I like the black, but for those with wooden furniture, floors, or interiors, the cherry version would finish off a room beautifully. I did find, however, that these were a little harder to come by than the black models.

The speakers are equipped with a 1-in silk/polymer composite dome tweeter and 5.25-in bi-laminate fiber cone woofers. The tweeter is located between the woofers and is pretty small compared to other models, which could be a contributory factor to the speaker’s difficulty with bass-demanding genres.

The feet are solid and provide a sturdy stand for the speakers. I found them to be suitable for a variety of floor types, and their squat design fits in with the interior of the modern home.

Polk Audio TSi300 Features


The TSi300 isn’t the most advanced speaker option for those who love technology. But, there are some notable features:

Design: x2 5.25-in drivers and 1-in dome tweeter, per cabinet, these speakers offer a wide frequency range and quality sound delivery.

Dynamic Balance Technology: The drivers have been designed with the latest dynamic-balance technology, guaranteeing a clear, detailed sound.

Flared Ports: Significant reduction in port noise for an improved listening experience.

Pros and Cons of the Polk Audio TSi300 

As with all products, there are advantages and drawbacks to the Polk Audio TSi300, which I have rounded up below.

Pros of the Polk Audio TSi300 

  • Powerful drivers for high-quality surround sound and minimal power consumption
  • MDF construction in fitting with interiors and easy maintenance
  • Dynamic-balance driver’s result in efficient sound for most genres
  • Excellent price, affordable for most

Cons of the Polk Audio TSi300 

  • A resounding issue with the bass produced; some consumers have purchased an additional subwoofer to counteract this
  • No Bluetooth compatibility, which may be a disappointment for some
  • A little thin on the technology side

Alternatives to the Polk Audio TSi300

Not yet sold on the TSi300? Here are some comparable products you may find more suitable.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II

The Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II outshone the TSi300 when it comes to realistic bass reproduction; they also seem to have a lower distortion across other genres. Again, the cabinets are made from MDF and have strong bracing with three-quarter-inch thick baffles.

The drives are designed for the midrange, and this really betters the reproduction of the sound and creates wider dispersion, with more detailed bass response.

The wood grain finish of the cabinets stands out as a pretty unique design, remaining stylish and modern that is typical of Polk speakers.

I believe these speakers would be an ideal piece of any home theater system. Given the affordable price, the sound, design, and quality of the 60 Series II are pretty remarkable. My only real critique of these speakers is the aesthetics; the transition between two completely different materials on the side and front is a niggle for me.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series Floorstanding Speaker | Amazon

Enjoy clear, crisp and spacious stereo sound with wider dispersion for 3-dimensional and more lifelike audio in your bedroom, living or entertainment room.

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  • Realistic and authentic sound across all genres; particularly impressive for bass
  • High-performance speakers at an affordable price
  • Easy maintenance MDF construction


  • The meeting of two different materials results in a slightly annoying finish (in my opinion).

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

Sony SSCS3

The Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker offers a perfect blend of intuitive design and excellent build quality. Unlike some floor-standing speakers, the Sony SSCS3 is simple to install and connect to your audio setup or home cinema system, which is a great advantage.

Sony is known globally as a premier electronic manufacturer and upholds a reputation. For people who want speakers from a major internationally trusted brand while not being the most expensive, then the SSCS3 is a solid choice.

In addition to being simple to install and use, I found the speakers to feature a crystal clear and well-balanced sound profile, producing perfect sounds regardless of the type of media or genre. With the four-driver speaker system, you can amplify music, movies, and gaming at a crisp, clear volume of your choice.

I found the reception for the SSCS3 to be generally positive, and the consensus is ‘excellent quality, with a reasonable price tag.’ However, one thing that has confused me slightly is the fluctuating prices online, with no explanation. If you’re interested in these speakers, I would keep an eye on the price changes to ensure you get a good deal.

Best Overall
Sony SSCS3 3-Way Speaker | Amazon

Amplify your movie, music, and gaming experience with a speaker that provides full frequency audio with a three-way coaxial, four-driver speaker system.

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  • Globally recognized and trusted brand, Sony is one of the leaders in the electronic industry
  • Unrivaled sound; crystal clear and well balanced across all media
  • Easy to install and operate
  • An online best seller with many tutorials, help guides, and additional information


  • Price changes seem a little steep, with no explanation; may mean you have to wait for the best price
  • Delivery may be up to a week if buying from Amazon; although store pick up is available

Wharfedale Diamond 12.3

Wharfedale Diamond 12.3

Sonically, I found the Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 to be smooth, even-handed, and wonderfully refined for the price point. Although these speakers are more expensive than the Polk Audio TSi300 and can’t truly be considered a budget-friendly option, they are well priced when you think about what you’re getting for your money.

Looking at the build, you can instantly see how carefully crafted the straight-edged design of the cabinets is. The strategically bracing provides a low and solid resonance platform and is wrapped neatly in a classy finish. I was, too, impressed with the tidy feet arrangement and feel if aesthetics is a priority, then the Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 fit the bill.

There are four color options; light oak, white, walnut, and black, ensuring that there will be a 12.3 to suit your home interior.

I found the sound to be pretty outstanding, which I believe has contributed to their multiple awards online. There is power and punch when needed, but also a level of subtlety that is pretty rare to find in speakers within this price range.

Wharfedale - Diamond 12.3 | Amazon

Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 Tower Loudspeaker Plays with Notable Openness and Emotionalism "New." If you were to describe the Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 tower loudspeaker with one term, you'd be challenged to pick a different word. 

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03/15/2024 02:28 am GMT


  • Expert craftsmanship; the cabinets look genuinely high-end.
  • Range of finishes to suit all modern interiors.
  • Outstanding sound for music, movies, and gaming


  • They’re not the most affordable speakers out there, and at my time of research, I could find no money-saving deals, sales, or discounts for these speakers anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Do Floor-standing Speakers Like the Polk Audio TSi300 Mean Better Sound?

Answer: A good quality pair of floor-standing speakers can have the ability to supercharge your home audio and deliver room-filling sound instantly. With larger cabinets than bookshelf speakers, floor-standing often creates greater authority, scale, and bass.
However, you still need to choose wisely to ensure you get the best floor-standing speakers for your requirements and budget, as they are not created equally.

Question: How do you Match Speakers With the Right Components?

Answer: For the best results, it is essential to match speakers with a receiver or amplifier that is able to deliver the right amount of power. Most manufacturers will specify a range of amp power (see here for our top 1000 watt amps) necessary to power each unit correctly.
If going with a surround-sound or multi-channel setup, it is often advisable to stick with the same brand of speakers for performance reasons. There can be the need for much fine-tuning in a mix-and-match situation.

Question: What Level of Ongoing Tech Support Can I Expect if I Buy the Polk Audio TSi300?

Answer: Polk delivers one of the better customer service assistance out there. You can find tons of tech support, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides through their website. There are also direct contact details if you can’t find your issue.
The brand is well-known for offering a high level of aftercare to consumers. This, in addition to the 5-year warranty, should provide a good level of peace of mind for those worrying about support later on down the line.

My Verdict on the Polk Audio TS3i00

In my opinion, Polk Audio TSi300 speakers are affordable, enjoyable, and high-performing with very few drawbacks. I like the wood grain finish, the position of the tweeter and woofers, and I find the sound to be remarkable with most audio.

For me, one of the biggest pros is the detailed, sharp, and crystal clear sound of these speakers. Although I did find a few issues with higher frequencies, on the whole, these speakers were among the best performing I have come across.

The Polk Audio TSi300 isn’t the most technology-infused option; there’s no Bluetooth compatibility for direct streaming, and the speakers have to be wired to other devices, which can be a little tricky. I found their size a little underwhelming, but their aesthetics do look high-end.

I am not sure if the TSi300 is the absolute best floor-standing speaker out there, but I am optimistic it will be among the best at this price point.

Polk Audio Audio TSi300 Floorstanding Speaker | Amazon

Single versatile high performance floorstanding loudspeaker. Equipped with 1 inch silk/polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome tweeter.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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