The Full Audioengine P4 Review

the full audioengine p4 review: are these speakers worth it?

makes some inexpensive speakers that look absolutely stunning. The cross of design between modern and vintage meets beautifully in a way that is not often seen. However, looks aren’t everything. The P4s are one of two passive speaker options that Audioengine offers, being the smaller of the pair. The 4-inch woofer won’t provide a full range of frequencies, […]

KEF R100 vs LS50: Which is Better Value?

KEF R100 vs LS50

KEF makes some of the best speakers around, with an attention to detail in build, innovative design, and undeniable looks. Both the and are no exception to that. These bookshelf speakers come packed with features, both with the unique curved look that KEF is known for. The LS50s come in as both the newer set […]