The Full Audioengine P4 Review

the full audioengine p4 review: are these speakers worth it?

makes some inexpensive speakers that look absolutely stunning. The cross of design between modern and vintage meets beautifully in a way that is not often seen. However, looks aren’t everything. The P4s are one of two passive speaker options that Audioengine offers, being the smaller of the pair. The 4-inch woofer won’t provide a full range of frequencies, […]

Polk Audio T15 Review [2020]

The Full Polk Audio T15 Review: Are These Speakers Worth It?

Polk Audio has a wide range of speakers, all made to deliver exceptional quality at the lowest price possible. These bookshelf speakers deliver on the low price, coming in at less than $100 for the pair (), but they lack in the sound that would truly make them special. If you’re looking for low cost […]