The Onkyo TX-NR676 Review That You’ll Love!

Onkyo TX-NR676 Review

Onkyo is one of the best budget-friendly AV manufacturers around. They deliver consistent quality with new technology you can enjoy throughout your home. It’s the perfect mix of affordability and engineering, and the NR receivers are at the pinnacle of this intersection.

If you love movies and music, or you want to transform your living room into Entertainment Central with a home theatre, you can’t go wrong with the Onkyo TX-NR676. It’s a great entry-level product that can stream clear music or handle the best 4K movies.

While Onkyo isn’t the only affordable receiver with a bunch of inputs and features, it’s one of the easiest to set up and use.

Is Onkyo TX-NR676 Worth It?
Yes, the Onkyo TX-NR676 is definitely worth it. With an attractive price, 4K video and clear audio, you are getting a great product.
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To set up the Onkyo TX-NR676, just take it out of the box, connect your sources, and turn it on. It really is that easy. And getting started is simple because you can hook up everything. Just plug in Blu-ray players, AppleTV, video games, DVD players, turntables, and more.

Once all of your sources are hooked up, connect your speakers using your normal speaker cables or, if you’re using bare wire, use 18 gauge for simplicity. The Onkyo does not accept audiophile-quality cables, so you’ll have to switch out your wiring if that’s what you’re currently using.

Because the binding posts are packed so tightly, you may find that rather than trying to bind the bare wire to the posts, using banana clips makes everything go together just a bit easier. The white lettering clearly marks where each speaker cable is supposed to go. It also includes labels for using bi-amp, rear surround, and height speaker on the same binding post pairs.

After you’re plugged in, the software setup process is easy. Onkyo will show you a setup screen when you first turn it on, so all you have to do is follow the instructions for set up and you’ll be ready in no time.


The Onkyo TX-NR676 is all black. While it’s not nearly as attractive as some higher-priced units, the buttons are smooth and attractive, and the large display is always a plus. It could be more sleek and modern looking, but it does the job just as it is.

With five HDMI inputs and labels for each, you can stick with the naming conventions for DVD players, computers, gaming consoles, and more, or you can plug in anything you want and change it up.

Main and one secondary HDMI outputs allow for hooking your receiver up as a source of the input itself. The main HDMI output supports ARC, but the secondary output doesn’t. You also have access to two-component inputs.

With a whole slew of audio outputs, you have plenty of ways to connect the receiver to your speaker system, no matter what your configuration is. You can use 5.1 surround or 7.1 surround systems, which is more than you can expect from a lot of receivers at this price point.

A set of stereo outputs allows for a secondary zone of speakers, which is another surprise. As with a lot of receivers that are much more expensive, you can now control two sets of speakers in two different rooms of your home with the same device. It transforms your system into a whole-home solution.

There are two optical audio inputs with seven RCA inputs. That’s a huge number. You’ll also find a USB port, an Ethernet port, and various antenna inputs for radio on the back. On the front, you’ll see a huge display so you always know what you’re doing. The large volume knob makes it easy to control the volume, which is a lot of user’s primary concern when dealing with AV equipment.

There is a neat row of input buttons, a spattering of other inputs like an extra HDMI and an auxiliary port. It’s easy to plug in a computer quickly from the front rather than disassembling your entire system to get to one of the ports in the back.

This receiver is definitely one of the more versatile solutions on the market, and at the price point, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. With plenty of inputs and outputs, you’ll enjoy physical and digital support for everything you could ever want.

The remote is well-designed and easy to use. It has input selections at the top, so switching back and forth is seamless, even for someone who’s not used to using a receiver. Basic directional controls make navigating menus easy, volume controls are self-explanatory, and playback controls help you control all of your media. It’s not overwhelming with a lot of buttons, but it has everything you need to make it a functional tool to make both beginners and experienced users happy.

Is Onkyo TX-NR676 Worth It?
Yes, the Onkyo TX-NR676 is definitely worth it. With an attractive price, 4K video and clear audio, you are getting a great product.
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 03:22 pm GMT


The affordable Onkyo TX-NR676 receiver has plenty of features to make the AV nerd happy.

Digital Support

Aside from physical inputs, you can enjoy streaming services like Cast, AirPlay, and Bluetooth. While it lacks Google Play and Apple Music support, you can stream those in from another device that has them using Bluetooth.

Connect your receiver to Wi-Fi with the built-in Wi-Fi support and you can also stream directly from Pandora, Deezer, and Spotify.

Dolby Atmos

Enjoy immersive sound that your home theatre should never have to go without. You can drive a traditional surround sound system using the TX-NR676 with its seven channels and two subwoofers, but it also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

You can mount your presence channels to the ceiling or you can use Atmos enabled speakers to get a full 3D experience that makes you feel like you’re a part of the action.

AccuEQ Calibration

With AccuEQ Room Acoustic Calibration you can enhance your system even further. Using the microphone, follow the simple setup process to trigger algorithms that tune your system perfectly in minutes. AccuReflex listens to your room and configures your setup to work within the correct parameters.

Multi-Room Audio

Hardwire the second zone of stereo speakers and you’ll instantly transform your receiver into something that controls two spaces. You can also set up and manage a wireless system throughout the entire house using onboard technology like Chromecast, DTS Play-Fi, and FlareConnect.

Pair with Onkyo’s remote control app for either iOS or Android, and you can stream music from any of your sources using just your phone. With Bluetooth, you can even stream music from sources that aren’t supported, like Google Play or Apple Music.

USB Audio

Onkyo has a true dedication to versatility. They use the USB port for firmware updates, but you can also plug in an external drive for even more audio sources and then control it easily from the Play-Fi app.

Once you connect your USB device, the TX-NR676 will catalog your library, and then you can browse your library on the screen. It’s easy and user-friendly. Your Onkyo can even handle your collection of Hi-Res music.

Powerful Processing

The high-current amplifier on the TX-NR676 delivers 100 watts per channel. It’s not quite as much as some other receivers, but plenty of power for the ultimate performance in your budget.

If you do need a boost in power, you can configure your setup so that the receiver will send two channels to compatible speakers, upping the amperage and dedicating equal power to the tweeter and the bass components of that speaker.

An Asahi Kasei digital-to-analog converter and a Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry helps the receiver achieve audio precision you can hear. This produces clear, detailed sound that you won’t find anywhere else in this price class. You’ll get fantastic listening sessions, no matter what you’re doing.

4K Video

If 4K is your preferred movie format, you’re in luck. You’ll get ultra-high-definition experiences from the TX-NR676. It supports 4K video at 60Hz, 4:4:4 color sub-sampling, HDCP 2.2, BT.2020 wide color gamut, and High Dynamic Range standards like HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

You can connect more than one 4K sources like a Blu-ray player, a cable box, and a gaming system all at the same time and enjoy all forms of 4K content. It will also accept analog composite and component sources and convert the signals to be used by the HDMI outputs.

Onkyo TX-NR676 Alternatives

There are some other options out there that you could pursue if you’re interested in something similar to the Onkyo TX-NR676.

Sony STR-DN1080

With nearly identical specs, you may want to consider the Sony STR-DN1080. However, you’ll pay quite a bit more for this unit than you will for the Onkyo. Most of that stems from the fact that Sony is a brand more people have heard of.

That doesn’t necessarily make it better, but it is built with slightly better quality components. Since most of your sound quality comes from your speakers rather than your receiver, you may not notice a huge difference. Some people prefer to stick with the name brand, and if that’s the case, Sony is a great product. However, if you’re on a budget, you’ll be pleased with the Onkyo operation and it comes at a much better price.

Denon AVR-X2500H

Denon is another brand that many haven’t heard of, but they make excellent, high-quality products at an affordable price. If you’re interested in something that is slightly better built, the Denon is a great choice. It’s a good middle ground between the Onkyo and Sony.

Again, it has nearly identical specs, so you’ll enjoy the same variety and versatility of inputs in what some would consider a more attractive package. The box is symmetrical and attractive, much more so than the Onkyo.


The YAMAHA brand is well-known, so it has that going for it. However, it does lack some of the same features that the Onkyo so easily includes. You’ll miss out on an Ethernet connection, which for many people these days isn’t a huge deal.

However, it includes Sirius XM satellite radio, which the Onkyo does not, so you’re gaining in features, too. The price point is much more similar to that of the Onkyo, so on a budget, you may have to pick and choose the features you will use the most.

The Verdict

You’ll get an incredible value from the Onkyo TX-NR676 receiver in many ways. Not only is the price immediately attractive, but it includes awesome functionality for the price. Stunning 4K video and clear audio output are just the beginning.

Whole-home audio makes it even better, and while you may miss out on support for just a few of the digital sources you may desire, Bluetooth fixes that by allowing you to connect to those sources via Bluetooth instead. If you’re looking for an affordable receiver or an entry point into the market, you’ll be happy with the Onkyo TX-NR676 until you can either afford to upgrade or want to experience something new.

Is Onkyo TX-NR676 Worth It?
Yes, the Onkyo TX-NR676 is definitely worth it. With an attractive price, 4K video and clear audio, you are getting a great product.
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 03:22 pm GMT

FAQ’s About Onkyo TX-NR676

Is Onkyo a good brand?

Like anything, people have had good and bad experiences with Onkyo. It’s not a well-known brand, but they make quality products for the money.

They’re affordable, so they’re good entry-level devices. People complain about HDMI board and network chip issues as well as terrible experiences with customer service. However, other people claim they’ve had Onkyo devices for years with superior performance and a perfect track record for longevity.

If you’re looking for something that offers a good range of features at a lower price point, then Onkyo is one of the best options.

Who makes Onkyo?

Onkyo products are made by Pioneer Electronics, which is a huge name in consumer electronics. The AV market changes fast, so Pioneer and Onkyo partnered to help keep up with those changes and provide better products to customers. This team of experienced manufacturers has done a good job of creating devices people generally like and can trust.

Does Onkyo TX-NR676 support HDR?

Absolutely. The Onkyo TX-NR676 supports both HDR and 4K video, so you’ll get a great viewing experience in any format. It even converts low-res audio and video via the analog sources to be used by the HDMI outputs so you can see all of your content like never before.

What is the best Onkyo receiver?

The Onkyo TX-RX3100 comes very highly rated, but the difference is also reflected in the price. However, Onkyo is fully capable of producing high-end electronics for those who are worried about the quality of the TX-NR676.

The TX-RX3100 is THX-Certified and is a top-of-the-line offering from Onkyo, It can create a realistic soundstage experience that very few other models can compete with. It can send 140 watts of power to 11 main channels and it supports three-zone control.

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