Hesh 2 Headphones Review: Skullcandy Steps it Up

Skullcandy is fairly well-known brand that most music lovers are familiar with. The brand was founded in 2003 by founder Rick Alden. Alden had the idea for making headphones designed for the active adventurer when he realized there had to be a better way of answering phone calls while listening to music. Having to stop, unplug headphones, take the call and plug them back in was a bit ridiculous. Since 2003 Skullcandy has come a very long way, and are a respected audio gadget brand today.

There lineup of gear includes earbuds, headphones and wireless technology. While some brands may be a jack of all trades, Skullcandy focuses on mastering the art of headphone design. One example of how far quality design can go is the Hesh 2 headphones.

The Skullcandy Hesh 2 look, feel and sound like high-end headphones yet remain reasonably priced. Rather than getting lost in pure looks and branding, Skullcandy really goes the extra step of ensuring that their headphones sound as amazing as they look. The Hesh 2 are no exception when it comes to their quality control.

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone
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02/23/2024 12:10 am GMT

Specs and Features of the Hesh 2

Here is a quick rundown of the basics you need to know about these headphones:

  • Basic model retails for $59.99 in black color (Check out the latest discounts and prices here!)
  • Other models retail for $69.99 for print or color headphones w/ in-line mic
  • Powerful audio quality
  • Noise isolating design for better listening
  • Can be worn for hours at a time
  • Fits most young adult and adult head sizes
  • Designed for everyday use at home, school, work, gym, etc
  • Unique detachable cable design for easy repair
  • 1-button in-line music player/smartphone control

With the details out of the way, let’s get into why you are going to want to add these headphones to your wishlist.

Advantages of the Hesh 2

Skullcandy has quite the loyal fanbase, with the Hesh 2 being a highly praised model for people looking for casual headphones that deliver premium sound. Here are 3 reasons why the Hesh 2 is so loved.

Comfortable as well as Stylish When Worn

For the under $70 price tag, and under $60 without an in-line mic, the Hesh 2 headphones are extremely comfortable and very stylish. Style isn’t more important than function but it’s still an important factor for many, especially when it comes to over the head headphones that people will prominently see versus earbuds.

The earcups are made of a buttery soft leather rather than a synthetic material, which really makes these wear like premium headphones. The headband has metal support so these can really be everyday headphones without you having to worry about damage. Overall the design is surprisingly sleek and simple, with the huge range of color options letting you get as bold as you want.

Skullcandy headphones are well-known for coming in bright colors and eye-catching prints, and the Hesh 2 is no different. Their cheapest model is the black on black, which still manages to look anything but basic with it’s satin finish and recognizable SKullcandy logo.

Built-in Mic and Remote Adds Versatility

The microphone sound quality is better than most but isn’t spectacular. It offers enough clarity to easily hear and be heard, but if your phone or the person you’re speaking to doesn’t have full bars, things might get a little garbled. Nonetheless, the quality of the microphone is right on par for the price of the headphones.

The in-line remote on the cable has a single button which is used to take calls, make calls, play or pause music and allows you to cycle through tacks on your playlist. Fairly basic but adds to the user-friendly design of these headphones.

Removable Cable Increases Value

Anyone that regularly uses earbuds or headphones knows how annoying it can be when you plug them in to listen to some music just to find that somehow your cable had been damaged. The sound may not play through to side of the headphones or the sound comes in and out sporadically as the cable is moved around. Even if the actual headphones are in perfect shape, the entire unit is now useful and needs to be replaced.

Skullcandy’s choice of adding a removable cable to the Hesh 2 really shows the attention to detail and solid effort at making customer satisfaction a priority.

The common issue of cable damage is no longer so much of a concern – simply order a new cable. This saves so much money, as you’d either be buying replacement headphone for paying for a repair with other models.

Disadvantages of the Hesh 2

The Hesh 2 headphones might have some major advantages and a lengthy list of positive reviews behind it, but even the best headphones don’t have their faults. Here are the two disadvantages some customers find with this model.

Doesn’t Offer Complete Noise Cancellation

The Hesh 2 have a comfortable circumaural fit, which mean the headphone ear cups cover the entire ear. Skullcandy used a super soft leather combined with a lightweight construction, so you can use these for hours without fatigue.

However, the ear cup shape seems a little strange for some. The cups are very circular in shape and a little on the small side, so those with average to large ears can’t actually get their entire ear in the cup. This is a minor annoyance but those with very large ears may find that they don’t get as much of a noise cancellation effect.

Skullcandy does not sell the Hesh 2 as noise cancellation headphones, but it does still block a surprising amount of outside noise. These are ideal for studying, travel or use at night when you’re trying to sleep but the neighbors are being loud.

Instrumental and Classical Music May Sound Tinny

If you’re a huge classical music lover, the Hesh 2 may not provide the precise sound you crave. While the headphones are able to capture sharp sounds well with other music, it ends up just a little tinny or brittle with instrumentals.

The Hesh 2 certainly doesn’t mangle the sound of higher pitched instruments but it does sound like it reduces the effect of the bass, leaving the sound just slightly skewed. Ironically, heavy instrumental songs with vocals seem to sound better.

For the price, these headphones are still excellent for music of all types, but you may want to look into some other brands first if you plan on using these for primarily classical and non-vocal, high-pitch instrumentals.

When Skullcandy first came onto the scene many audiophiles looked down on the brand a bit for their inexpensive earbuds with their skull logo so prominently featured. Over recent years the brand has more than proven that they are fully capable of producing higher end headphones that easily compete with big-name audio brands. The Hesh 2 is a perfect example of how Skullcandy can make a solid pair of headphones with high-quality sound, impressive techy features and still remain attainable for those on a budget.

Someone looking for a traditional pair of headphones that will give their music the depth and bass they crave, without having to spending a $100 plus, will be very pleased with the Hesh 2. If you have the chance to check these out in person, by all means do so. You can purchase these headphones directly from Skullcandy or through one of its many retail stores.

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/23/2024 12:10 am GMT

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