The Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500 – The Top 3 Options

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2017)

Many audio equipment professionals consider standing floor standing speakers to represent the highest quality speakers available for both home and live entertainment use. The large speakers deliver more power than other types of speakers, meaning consumers should consider floor standing speakers for the largest rooms.

Booming audio allows you to use the speakers as stand-alone speakers or surround sound speakers. Manufacturers manufacture floor standing speakers in a wide variety of designs to complement virtually every type of interior décor.

Criteria to Use for Evaluating the Best Floor Standing Speakers

top floor standing speakersConsumers should dispel two myths that have nothing to do with buying one of the three best floor standing speakers. Bigger does not equate to better.

As with computer chips, advanced technological breakthroughs have produced smaller speaker components that project louder, clearer sounds. Another power myth refers to the false adage “more watts equal more power.” After you dispel the myths, you can judge a speaker by a number of criteria.


Volume forms the backbone of floor standing speakers, but not in the way that many consumers think. The best floor standing speakers project vibrant sounds at low volume environments, such as in a college dormitory room or an apartment surrounded by paper thin walls.

Poorly constructed speaker sound distorts at higher volume levels. All three of the floor standing speakers described below performs admirably at both low and high volumes. Consumers can use the speakers to emit low volume from a laptop computer or from powerful amplifiers that guitarists use to play loud riffs.

Frequency Response

Frequency response measures the breadth of a sound’s pitch. The best floor standing speakers reproduce high quality sounding low bass and high treble notes. However, the highest quality deep bass speakers typically cost more than our budget constraint of $500. Therefore, although we may settle for a little less bass, we still get floor standing speakers that deliver a wide pitch range.

Power Handling

The best three floor standing speakers handle above average power delivered by amplifiers. Power handling measure the amount of power floor standing speakers can take over extended periods of use, without incurring damage that renders the speakers useless.

The best floor standing speakers under $500 have the capability to handle “Peak Power,” which is the amount of power floor standing speakers absorb during brief, yet highly explosive audio interludes.


Impedance measures in units called ohms how much electrical resistance an amplifier encounters, as it attempt to drive power through a floor standing speaker. The best floor standing speakers under $500 include 8-ohm impedance, so it’s not the number of ohms that matter, but whether each speaker has the same low level of resistance to amplifier driven power.

Impedance is especially important for replacing one floor standing speaker among a group of one or more other speakers.

Three High Quality Floor Standing Speakers for Less than $500

Every audio aficionado appreciates different audio experiences. The same principle applies to judging floor standing speakers. Although, we have compiled exhaustive research, you represent the final arbiter of speaker quality. When shopping for the best floor standing speakers under $500, follow a slight twist in a time-honored adage: Speaker quality rests in the ear of the beholder.

Klipsch F-28


The latest generation of Klipsch floor standing speakers benefit from decades of engineering experience to create aesthetic upgrades that make the affordable audio sources a hit for young families. A powerful bass complements volume that does not distort at maximum levels.

The electronics wizardry of the Klipsch F-30 makes the inexpensive speakers perfect for projecting digitally generated music from all formats. At a price of $320, the F-28 floor standing speakers sit just about half of the maximum price set for the three best speakers on this list.

Dual eight-inch magnetically shielded IMG woofers and one-inch aluminum dome compression driver work seamlessly with the Tractrix Horn to ensure pristine audio coverage for large rooms.

The vast audio coverage of the Klipsch F-28 makes the speakers ideal for creating surround sound audio for upper end home theater systems. A customized, finely sculpted port located on the front baffle that sits near ground level ensures intense low-frequency response.

Klipsch applies a black finish that includes titanium accents to create a modern look. Many reviews praise the elegant design of the F-28 that complements upscale home decors. However, you can remove the grille to present a more aggressive design statement that exudes high energy. The thin design works great with flat-panel televisions that mount on walls.

Magnetically shield, the Klipsch F-28 can sit close to super-charged devices such as high definition televisions and LCD monitors, without incurring diminished sound quality caused by electrical interference. You can read more about the Klipsch F-28’s here.

Yamaha YAS-203


Since the late 1990s, sound bars have attracted audio component buyers because the speakers require fewer wires to connect the speakers to a sound system. The highly portable Yamaha YAS-203 speakers incorporate sound bar technology to take up considerably less space in a living or entertainment room.

Yamaha designs and manufactures the YAS-203 speakers to fall perfectly within the speaker selling features of audio power and consumer value. Listed for just under $400 (check this listing for the latest live prices), the Yamaha YAS-203 speaker doubles as a high quality addition to a home audio system, as well as an important component for recording sessions.

The YAS-203 does a convincing job of replicating surround sound technology, without costing consumers an arm and a leg to create the movie theater like audio phenomenon. Yamaha recently added dedicated input LEDs for the YAS-203 speaker. The LEDs connect to each of the four inputs.

Yamaha YAS-203 speaker support Bluetooth connectivity and aptX to ensure owners enjoy enhanced audio quality that emanates from wireless connections. The wired version of the YAS-203 includes a coaxial digital connection, as well as two RCA stereo jacks.

Several reviews praise the high quality sound that projects evenly throughout spacious rooms. The Yamaha YAS-203 does a tremendous job of delivering pristine audio during presentations held in large halls and auditoriums. Many governing bodies select the stylishly designed speakers for projecting sound during city council and town hall meetings.

The power handling capability of the Yamaha YAS-203 speakers exceeds the power handling capability of speakers twice its size. Capable of absorbing punishment, the Yamaha YAS-203 speaker provides consumers with years of rugged performance. See here to read more.

Acoustics Concept 20

Consumers can spend hundreds of dollars more on speakers that project the same high quality sound that plays from Acoustics Concept 20speakers. The sleek speakers complement upscale room décor and furniture, making the audio components the perfect addition to large, formal social events.

Many audio reviews extol the Acoustics Concept 20 speaker for providing higher quality sound than its award-winning predecessor, the Acoustics concept 202is.

The Acoustics Concept 20 includes a stronger cabinet that resists damage caused by frequent use. The high-grade wood paneling protects the sensitive interior components from liquids that spill during bustling dinner parties and wedding receptions. Carbon fiber encircles the soft dome tweeter and the ceramic coated mid bass enjoy long lasting performance.

As with previous versions of the speaker, the tweeter remains removed from the front panel to reduce vibrations that markedly degrade audio quality.

Acoustics Concept 20 speakers incorporate the innovative box-within-a-box design that separate the inner and outer enclosures by using the resilient compound Gelcore. The proprietary substance diminishes panel resonances by changing sound degrading vibrations into heat.

Audiophiles enjoy long listening sessions, without having to worry that incessant pounding that damages the sensitive speaker components.  The speaker design ensures complete enclosure silence, which delivers audio only from the drive units. You can read more about these award winnings speakers, here.

One More Factor to Consider

The Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500 – TheTop 3 Options

The three best floor-standing speakers under $500 share another common benefit. All three speakers perform admirably on a wide variety of floor surfaces. While some speakers thrive on ceramic tiling and other speaker work best on plush carpeting, the best three affordable floor standing speakers provide high quality audio on any type of floor surface.

The capability to deliver world class audio on plush carpet and bare floors provides consumers with the flexibility to move the speakers throughout a home or large auditorium, without ever sacrificing audio quality.

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