Top 4 Best Headphone Stands So You Can Love Your Headphones

Headphone stands might seem like a bit of a splurge, but they actually have quite a few advantages, even for the neophyte audiophile. Here are three major advantages of investing in a quality headphone stand:

  • Keep Headphones Safe from Spills and Other Damage – A few things can potentially happen if you leave your headphones simply laying on your desk. Spilling a drink or dropping food can happen easily. Even an accidental water spill can render your pricey headphones worthless. Also, laying your headphones on the desk can cause paint chips and other superficial damage.
  • Are Ideal for Showing Off Luxury Headphones – Many people end up buying their first headphone stand because they recently purchased a pair of luxury headphones and would like to display them. There is no doubt that beautiful headphones look better on a stand than haphazardly on a desk. As mentioned above, keeping headphones protected becomes even more important when you’re talking about luxury models that cost a few hundred or more.
  • Help with Desk Organization and Clutter – Another significant reason people purchase headphone stands is to keep their desks decluttered and looking neat. Having headphones laying on your desk or awkwardly over the monitor simply doesn’t look very nice. A headphone stand keeps your headset out of the way and allows for easier desk organization.

There are alternatives to headphone stands, but with how reasonably priced they are why not purchase a product specifically designed for your needs? Whether you just want something inexpensive to keep your headphones out of the way or you want something unique and stunning for displaying those luxury headphones, here are the top 4 choices for your needs.

AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand

Up first is the AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand, a very reasonably priced stand that still looks attractive and unique. It retails for under $15, in either black or transparent acrylic.

This stand is roughly 10″ x 5″ wide at maximum, which is still small enough to stay out of the way on a desk. Though it’s made of acrylic, which may seem brittle compared to wood or metal, this stand is very durable. AmoVee had recently updated the design by making the acrylic even thicker for better longevity and strength.

Rather than being a simple hanging headphone design, the AmoVee stand is shaped in a modernistic way that resembles the shape of the human head. When the headphone is placed over the stand it keeps them seated much how they would be while worn. This looks really nice and will seemingly maintain the shapes of the headphones and cups better than a stand. Some customers worry that these types of full-contact stands end up compressing the cups, though this seems to be unlikely.

The AmoVee headphone stand is universally sized for nearly all headphones, including major brands. Bose, Beats, Philips, Sony, Sennheiser, and more should all fit very well on this stand. AmoVee also offers a 12-month worry-free guarantee, so if you find that this stand just isn’t right you can simply return it for a refund.

Avantree Bamboo Headphone Stand Holder

Next is a very attractive wooden-embellished stand that is still under $25. The Aventree Bamboo Headphone Stand works with the majority of headphones and the bamboo accents really make this one stand out in a world dominated by plastics and metals.

This headphone standing is a traditional hanging design, with an arm to hold the headphones. This arm has an indentation to securely hold your headphones by the band. This space allowed for the band is nearly 2″, though there really isn’t any reason you couldn’t use this model for a wider band. As for arm height, headphones with a height of up to 12″ will be supported.

A nice touch added by Avantree is the cable holder, which is great for keeping your headphone cord neat if you don’t use wireless. This dish is bamboo as well and ensures your cord won’t get tangled up or damaged from having to loop it. Even if you use wireless headphones you’ll probably still enjoy this little dish for keeping the charging cable or other small items neat.

Since the Avantree headphone stand is made of bamboo it is more environmentally friendly. If you like the look of wood but prefer purchasing only green products, this is a great alternative. The light bamboo color with the aluminum arm is very pleasing to the eye and especially ideal for offices and professional workspaces.

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder

If you like the Avantree hanging design for the whole look of bamboo isn’t your thing, then the Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand might be the right one for you. This model has excellent reviews supporting it and one very useful feature.

The Satechi headphone stand retails for under $35 and comes in four color options – Silver, Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold. All colors are very attractive and seem to be powder-coated, which means they will be long-lasting. While Satechi doesn’t list what size headphones will fit on their stand, customer reviews prove that this model works very universally. All major headphone brands should work on this stand without a problem. Since there is no indentation, there no are limits on bandwidth either. The Satechi is also slightly taller than other stands, so very large headsets should be compatible.

The major selling point of the Satechi headphone stand is the USB 3.0 hub located in the base of the stand. There are three in total, including a 3.5mm port for plugging your headphones into it. With how many separate devices use USB 3.0 ports, this is a really great way to add more peripherals to your computer.

The Satechi headphone stand is an obvious choice for someone that does a lot of work at their computer desk and would benefit from additional USB ports. True audiophiles will really enjoy the versatility of this sleek stand.

Fermata Headphone Charging Stand

If you have spent serious money on a pair of quality wireless headphones, the last thing you want to do is throw them up on an ugly stand. The Fermata headphone stand is a bit of a splurge but worth every penny if you use wireless headphones.

The Fermata model isn’t just a simple headphone stand but also a charging station for wireless headphones. Located on the right side of the Fermata is a flexible charging cable that plugs right into the micro-USB charging port located on the ear cup of  the majority of headphones. The stand itself is very minimalistic and will match any office or game room decor. It comes in black or silver and retails for under $80.

The actual headphone support comes in the form of a basic leather pad that holds the headphones in the center of the band. This allows the headphones and cups to hang freely which many consider a superior design. In addition to its charging feature, there is also a USB port located in the base of the stand so you can charge your phone or some other device right at your desk.

The Final Thought

Headphone stands can really improve the overall look of your desk and bring a professional aesthetic to your room. The majority of these headphone stands featured can either be found through their respective manufacturer’s websites or through a variety of retailers, including Amazon.

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