Best iTunes Alternatives to Listen: Top 5 Picks

iTunes is one of the most popular pieces of media player software available that has ever been introduced to the marketplace. Apple has done a masterful job of intertwining the use of the iTunes software, the iTunes Store, and their devices with many of the other platforms that are widely used.

The iTunes software isn’t just a media player it is actually a complete media solution as it allows you to download, search, organize, play and find a video, audio, music, audiobooks, ringtones, and any other entertainment that is available on the iTunes Store. The software is very user-friendly and intuitive much the same as most of the products that Apple introduces to the market, which is why many people do enjoy using it so much.

However, even if you enjoy or have enjoyed using iTunes in the past, you may have a need for software that is an alternative to iTunes while still offering some of the same types of functionality. In our current world ensuring that you have an up-to-date media player that allows you the flexibility to play and organize multiple file types is almost a “must-have”, especially if you happen to have a computer, tablet, or phone that is not based on the OS X platform.

There are many combinations of tablets, phones, computers, operating systems, and software that can be compatible depending on all of the exact details involved and what you need your devices and software to accomplish. However, to give you some options that help you extend your list of the media player and organizer software beyond only iTunes, below is a list of five great alternatives that you may end up enjoying as much or even more than iTunes. Some of them are only compatible with Mac, some only with Windows, and some of the options are true cross-platform options. All of them we feel offer you some of the best value for managing your multimedia needs.


This very flexible application is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android systems, making it a very appealing option for many users. The application can keep all of your devices synced with your current media library by utilizing a WiFi connection. If you have an Android-based phone and other devices that are Mac-based then this application is almost a must-have as it makes keeping up-to-date very simple and easy. It does not offer as many bells and whistles as some other applications available but it does a great job at what it does offer and is very convenient. It offers both an advanced paid version as well as a free version with limited features, but both are useful. If you are looking for a true cross-platform piece of software that saves you time and aggravation, then doubleTwist should be on your list of applications to consider using permanently.


Ecoute is a very unique piece of software that offers an intuitive user interface that automatically adjusts the items it shows on your screen based on the size of a display. The software is capable of importing and auto-detecting your entire existing iTunes library and it offers a very convenient control widget that is “always on top”. The application gives you additional options such as connecting your Facebook, Last.FM and other social media accounts as well.

Overall, Ecoute is a very lightweight alternative to iTunes that can offer a lot of flexibility and the capability of using the application on multiple Mac and iOS devices. If you want an alternative to iTunes that is a complete solution with above-average functionality, then Ecoute should be among your considerations.


MediaMonkey has been around for a while and offers a good Windows-based alternative to using iTunes. The software is a favorite among many users and it offers a very powerful platform for controlling all of your media needs including music, video, movies, and music. You can easily build playlists automatically with the software, auto-clean your music library of duplicates and play a large variety of different file types including even some that iTunes does not support, such as FLAC.

Additionally, the software is capable of syncing with iPhones, iPads, and a variety of devices. Perhaps best of all, the software is free although they do offer a paid version which provides additional functionality. There is somewhat of a learning curve when you first use the software but that is large because it can do so much.

Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo is a highly developed application that can provide a wide variety of functions and is fully capable of handling your multi-media needs. The software’s purpose is centered on avoiding the need the visit the iTunes website completely and to allow easy management of many media player-related functions such as reverse copying and direct syncing media files with an android based device. Wondershare allows you to backup and/or restore your entire iTunes library and lets you organize, play and share all of your media file types. The application is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices with versions of Windows dating back to even XP.

The full version of the software comes at a price but even the trial version available for free on Mac is worth a try. They offer several different prices for the full version depending on the number of computers and the length of time you are interested in. The plans start at $39.95 for 1 PC for 1 year and they also have a $59.95 plan that completely pays for a lifetime membership. If you need to cover multiple devices they have a family plan for $149.88 that covers two to five devices and is also a lifetime membership. Wondershare TunesGo is one of the only applications available that can truly do it all and handle all aspects of media management.


Tomahawk is one of the most flexible media management applications that are available on the market regardless of platform type. This application is compatible with more operating systems and platforms than any other, as it works with Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android devices. This means Tomahawk has a level of convenience that you just won’t find with too many other applications and it allows you to use it with almost any device you own.

Additionally, it is also one of the only media management applications available that not only operates well across many platforms but also connects on a wide range of social media applications such as Last.FM, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and even The application is actually capable of using the different websites and social channels to find songs that you want that are not included in your library yet. Tomahawk has many functions and is by far one of the highest quality applications available. If you need a true cross-platform application for managing your media needs, then this is it hands down.

In today’s world having media management software that effectively manages all of your media needs is very convenient. As our list above shows, you don’t always have to rely on software that is provided by the big manufacturers and proprietary in nature. There are many excellent choices available that can offer you, even more convenience and functionality than some of the most popular application names you hear all the time. Most of the options we listed above give you the choice between a free and a paid version of the application.

My Final Thoughts

While it is always nice to find a great application that does not cost anything, sometimes it is worth paying a few dollars for the full versions that offer extra features. Our list of the top five application alternatives to iTunes certainly are not the only options available but we feel they offer consumers some of the best value options on the market.

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