High-end Audio, Fair Price: The Ultimate Turtle Beach PX4 Review

Turtle Beach offers one of the largest selections of high-quality headphones of all types and styles in the entire home audio entertainment industry. The company has a reputation for offering audio equipment that provides a high-end audio experience without the big price tag normally associated with premium headphones.

While some may not know it, the company is also an established provider of technology and audio products in the healthcare industry as well. Their wide variety of customers and markets has allowed them to become one of the leading manufacturers of audio equipment on the globe, and by some, they are considered the leading manufacturer with unique and innovative designs.

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 Wireless Gaming Headset
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03/15/2024 10:48 pm GMT

Design of the PX4 Headphones

The Ear Force PX4 Headphones were designed with the Sony PS4 gaming console in mind; hence the name PX4 and the same color scheme as well as styling. These headphones are a full-size over-ear model that is built for both performance and comfort. Weighing only 11 ounces, you won’t find the headphones feeling heavy or even painful to wear, even after multiple hours of use.

Even if you are not an avid gaming enthusiast there is a great advantage in purchasing a pair of headphones that were designed for gaming, they are built for comfort and many hours of continuous use. Many other types of headphones, regardless of style, can become irritating and painful if you wear them for more than a couple of hours.

Luckily, the Turtle Beach design team is very experienced with designing gaming-style headphones and did an excellent job ensuring a nice balance of comfort and fit with the PX4s.

PX4 Features

The PX4 headphones come with a nice list of features that make your audio experience a real pleasure, be it while you are gaming, listening to your favorite music, or watching movies on your big-screen TV. They are versatile and work well with a large number of applications but also simple enough to use that even less tech-savvy users won’t have a problem using them.

This model is completely wireless which allows you to move freely about a room while still enjoying your entertainment of choice. They utilize Dolby Surround technology, can link with the PS4 controller for voice chatting while gaming, and come with a detachable microphone. Bluetooth connectivity is a standard feature and pairing the headphones with your smartphone of choice is an easy process. They also come with an adapter that allows you to connect them to your entertainment console of choice via cable if you wish.

The PX4s are quite different from many over-ear models in that they are actually large enough to do the job of providing a sealed high-quality audio environment while still being useful as mobile headphones as well. Because they offer easy connectivity via Bluetooth, you can easily use these as your everyday headset without feeling like they are too large or cumbersome to use while traveling. Additionally, you can connect to two different devices at the same time which is a very nice touch.  

The controls for the unit are perhaps a bit more complex than many other models on the market as they consist of two wheels for adjusting the volume level and an additional seven buttons for all other available functions.

Most other headphone models only have volume buttons and then perhaps another 2 or 3 buttons, which might be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your preferences.

It does certainly open up the possibility of a few mis-pressed buttons if you aren’t careful. However, overall, it shouldn’t be a big issue for most users and certainly not a problem that should prevent anyone from purchasing the headphones.

Setting Up

Setting up the headphones is a simple process. The wired connection default setup is designed to attach to the entertainment console of your choice via cable and utilize a USB port for power. The wireless receiver has an audio input as well which allows you to use your regular speaker set up along with the headphones or even without. The transmitter utilizes a dual-band 2.4/5GHz signal to the headphones.

There is a range of preset equalizer settings you can choose from by pressing a single button on the control panel, in fact, a total of six presets. However, you can also choose to use the standard stereo configuration as well.

The Turtle Beach PX4 headphones are compatible with almost any gaming console such as the Xbox360 Elite and One, although setup requires a little more than with the PS4. The Elite does not come with an audio output suitable for the PX4s so you must purchase an adapter. The adapter can be purchased from Microsoft or you can find it on the Turtle Beach website as well.

One thing to keep in mind is most gaming consoles are limited in how many USB ports they have. The PX4 wireless transmitter needs a USB port for power, so if your gaming console does not provide enough ports then you may need to constantly change out cables or purchase a mains power adapter.

PX4 Comfort, Fit, and Convenience

The headband is well equipped with an ample amount of passing to keep the fit secure but also very comfortable when using the headset for long periods of time. Turtle Beach avoided the typical leather coverings for the ear cups and instead used a mesh covering that is breathable which keeps your ears cool and comfortable even while surrounded by the ear cups.

Of course, using the headphones for hours of enjoyment is only useful if the battery will last for multiple hours, which it does. On a full charge, the battery will last for up to fifteen of gaming or other entertainment enjoyment, which should be plenty for most users.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is obviously one of the most important aspects of making a pair of headphones a great value or just simply not worth it. The PX4s Headphones are without questions a huge improvement over the standard headphones that come included with the PS4 gaming console. Of course, there is nothing really that special about the standard headphones for the PS4 so you would expect the PX4s to blow them away.

Perhaps the two best features of the PX4 sound quality are its ability to deliver clarity at extremely high volumes and the capability to make equalizer adjustments to the sound settings. The headphones handle max volume very well as they were designed with gamers as a focal point and the designers knew that gaming can be intense and loud.

The customizable sound settings provide a huge amount of flexibility that can handle almost all music genres, even hip-hop which requires a fair amount of bass at the forefront.

The PX4s even come with the ability to turn up and down the volume level of particular sounds within the same application. For example, if you are playing a war-style game you can turn down the volume of explosions in the background and increase the volume of enemy troop footsteps that may be nearby.

Final Thoughts

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 Wireless Gaming Headset
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/15/2024 10:48 pm GMT

The PX4s are certainly not the cheapest headphones on the market but also not anywhere near the most expensive. They offer excellent sound quality, excel in the fit and comfort category, and offer a stylish set of headphones that are usable both at home and on the go.

With all the included features and the ability to control the equalizer settings in many different ways, the PX4s offer one of the best values on the market for gaming headphones. However, they are also a good fit for non-gamers as well and deliver above-average sound quality for nearly all types of music.

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