The Ultimate Review of Skullcandy Soundmine Portable Speaker

The majority of smartphones and MP3 players today can connect to audio-playing devices via Bluetooth. As technology has advanced, you can now easily find very compact portable speakers for an exceptionally good value. However, finding a budget speaker that also sounds great is more difficult than you’d anticipate. This is where the Soundmine by Skullcandy comes into play.

The Soundmine is an excellent example of a nice, all-around daily speaker that is easy to use, attractive and plays music very well. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but you don’t want to be stuck with a cheap speaker that has an iffy connection and garbles your favorite music, you should consider buying the Soundmine.

Specs and Features of the Soundmine Speaker

Skullcandy continually produces excellent products, so it comes as no surprise that the Soundmine is a popular option. It is priced right and has all the basics you could need in a Bluetooth speaker.

Here is a rundown of the specs of this model:

  • Retails for about $19.99
  • Comes in two color options – Black and Locals Only
  • Splash-proof and damage-resistant speaker shell
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy to see and press speaker control buttons
  • Extremely compact and lightweight size
  • Offers all-day listening time for the average customer
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery

With the details out of the way, let’s get onto the main advantages of the Soundmine speaker.

Advantages of the Soundmine Speaker

The Soundmine is really an incredible speaker for the price. Here are a few reasons why customers love this particular model so much.

Impressively Loud and Clear for Size

There are two common first impressions with the Soundmine. First off, many people finally see the speaker in person and are shocked at how small it is. Some are even a little disappointed at the size. Secondly, these people connect their MP3 devices and are immediately shocked at just how great this speaker sounds. The Soundmine is quite tiny, measuring only 3.1″ in diameter and 1.7″ in height. The sound is can put out sounds as if Skullcandy magically packed a full-size Bluetooth speaker into this model. You’ll have no issue filling a room with music, and for the average listener relaxing in the bedroom or living room, you probably won’t even want it up to the full blast. The size and sound also make this speaker ideal for use in the car, in some work settings, and outdoors.

Sounds Great with All Types of Music

As mentioned above, the sound quality of the Soundmine is deceptively amazing. But everyone knows that just because a speaker can play music loudly doesn’t mean it has a good sound quality. Those familiar with Skullcandy products will find it no surprise that this speaker sounds great and delivers a very true-to-life sound. A multitude of different genres sounds good on this speaker. While some devices struggle to play something as different as hip hop versus classic instrumentals the Soundmine is able to handle a bit of everything very well. The highs are on point without sound tinny, the lows are deep and warm, and the vocals sound amazing. Volume is easily controlled on this speaker, as well as buttons for pause/play. You can also easily cycle through tracks in your playlist without having to get out your phone. This can come in handy if you’re driving, hiking, or hanging out outside with friends.

Very Durable and Resistant to Damage

Looks can be deceiving, and this couldn’t be more true for the Soundmine. Despite its small size, this speaker can easily take on daily, rigorous use with little issue. Many customers cite that they’ve accidentally sat on, dropped, or have thrown this speaker and it hardly left a scratch. Dirt and dust don’t seem to affect it as much as other speakers within this one’s price range. Others have exposed their speaker to water and high humidity, yet the sound quality remained perfect. Now, it is recommended to treat this speaker carefully and Skullcandy does not sell this speaker as being water-resistant (it is splash-proof), but it is nice to know that when life happens the Soundmine will likely not fail you. For a speaker being under $20, you really can beat how much use you’ll get from this device.

Rechargeable Battery Saves You Money

Having a rechargeable battery in a device like a portable speaker is incredibly important, especially if you’ll be using it often. Some brands still don’t allow for rechargeable batteries, often forcing customers to end up buying their own rechargeable batteries to use. Having to replace AA or AAA batteries every few days, or even every week, is a waste of money or resources. The Soundmine has a rechargeable battery that only takes a couple of hours to charge before delivering at least 8 hours of pure playtime.

Despite all the good things about the Soundmine and the number of positive reviews, there are a couple of little downsides to consider if you’re torn between this model and another.

Disadvantages of the Soundmine Speaker

Overall the Soundmine performs exceptionally well, but there are three small annoyances that do come with this speaker’s design.

Syncing to Bluetooth Device is Tricky

While many Bluetooth devices easily pair up with most phones, some have found connecting to the Soundmine to be a little trickier. Skullcandy does include clear instructions on how to properly sync the device, however. When these instructions are followed you’ll have no issues getting or staying connected. The range on this speaker isn’t clear, but most customers are quite impressed at how far they can move their phone (or other connected devices) away before they lose connection. Reconnecting is easy.

Can’t Play While Charging

Another small annoyance of the Soundmine is that you can’t play music and charge at the same time. The battery life of this speaker is roughly 8 hrs long, which is plenty for most, but if you use it day in and day out for ambient music, you will be without tunes for a while you recharge. If you need a speaker that can play music continuously without downtime, you might be better off with a different model. That being said, if you simply charge it before bed this disadvantage shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Doesn’t Have an Aux Port

It’s a bit unfortunate that the Soundmine doesn’t have an auxiliary port, which would have allowed for customers to directly connect to their MP3 device. This is a Bluetooth speaker, so you can’t fault Skullcandy too much for this downside, but some customers were disappointed that something that could have easily been added wasn’t. When directly connecting your music playing device via a line to the speaker, the sound quality is better. If you prefer aux or if you have a device that isn’t Bluetooth compatible, this speaker will be of no use to you.

The Final Thoughts on the Soundmine

Overall the Soundmine speaker is another excellent example of quality craftsmanship from Skullcandy. While they might be best known for their headphones, this speaker certainly proves that the brand’s expertise in sound is far from limited. If you’re looking for a high-quality portable speaker that can really deliver an impactful sound, and you’re on a budget, the Soundmine is a perfect choice.

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