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Arctis 7x Vs. Arctis 9x Compared: Which Headset is Better?

Arctis 7x Vs. Arctis 9x Compared: Which Headset is Better?

In this review, I’m going to detail the differences between the Steelseries Arctis 7x vs Arctis 9x headsets to help you determine which is the right headset for you.

While the differences in some features may seem small, they can completely change the quality and capabilities of the gaming experience.

Bottom Line Up Front

I chose Arctis 9x for its upgraded options and features. This high-quality headset provides not only amazing sound and mic quality but also Bluetooth capabilities. To explore other options for gaming, check out our comparisons on the Astro series.

Let’s take a quick look at the main differences between both Arctis 7x and 9x

Main Differences Between Arctis 7x Vs. Arctis 9x

The main differences between Arctis 7x and Arctis 9x are:

  • Arctis 7x connects to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, whereas the Arctis 9x only connects to Xbox and PC.
  • Arctis 9x can detect the slightest sound detail, whereas the Arctis 7x has a flatter sound.
  • Arctis 9x has Bluetooth capabilities, whereas the 7x does not.
  • Arctis 9x has a high-quality mic, whereas the Arctis 7x’s mic is sensitive to noise.
  • Arctis 7x is set at a more affordable price, whereas the 9x is a bit more expensive.
  • The Arctis 9x has 28 hours of battery life, whereas the Arctis 7x has only 24.

Arctis 7x Vs. Arctis 9x Features

Both products have outstanding features. However, features vary according to how the headset is used and its compatibility. While compatibility isn’t the only issue to consider, it’s an important one.

Arctis 7x

With this product, you can adjust when the mic is off or not, according to the red light function. By using the Steelseries Engine 3 application, you can create inactivity timeouts, customize options for the mic, and control equalizer profiles. The best feature of the Arctis 7x is its wireless capabilities. At times the mic can be sensitive and contain a bit of background noise, but nothing serious.

This product is supposed to have 24-hour battery life as well. Customization for sound on the Arctis 7x is also notable, as it solves almost any gaming issue you may encounter as far as interruptions and lost audio.

Arctis 9x

Along with some of the same features as the 7x, the Arctis 9x has Bluetooth capabilities as well. One thing to consider is that this product has two signals, one for the Xbox and one for Bluetooth connectivity. However, when using Bluetooth to play music while simultaneously playing games on the Xbox, one will be muted.

The Arctis 9x has 28 hours of battery life, four hours more than its counterpart. It also has a slight upgrade with all the same features of the Arctis 7x’s mic capabilities but with advanced features, including a mute button. The microphone of the Arctis 9x is not as sensitive as the Arctis 7x, and so it does not pick up as much interference or noise.

Aesthetics in Detail

While the design and build of these products may not play a huge role in their performance, they can affect some aspects. Both the Arctis 7x and 9x are sleek and simplistic, with no cumbersome parts that get in the way of gaming or listening to music. Take a look at the detailed designs of each product.

Arctis 7x

The Arctis 7x has a ski goggle headband style that adds comfort without adding weight. The headset can be adjusted to cradle most any sized head by dialing to produce a comfortable fit. The frame is made from lightweight, durable aluminum that can be stretched.

The earpieces are made by Steelseries special cushion Airwave, and the band structure is covered in matt black plastic. There are controls on the outside of the ear cup, and the inside is filled with breathable soft mesh. The product has a big volume button with a mute button right above. When mute is selected, the button sticks up.

Arctis 9x

This series seems like a dressed-up version of the 7 with its green lights on the headband and the designs on the ear cuffs. The headband on the 9x is made from steel, and even after long hours of gaming, it’s still a comfortable fit. All buttons are found on the right side, along with Bluetooth and an audio jack port. To help you control the game, you will find a single dial on the left side.


As far as connectivity and compatibility are concerned, the Arctis 7x and 9x are similar. There are a few small details. However, that may govern which device you wish to buy. Consider both products in connectivity capabilities before purchase.

Arctis 7x

What sets the Arctis 7x apart from other headsets is that it uses the USB-C when pairing devices. With this, the product can easily connect with smartphones, iPads, and Nintendo switches devices. In addition, it can sync to almost any device, despite its inability to use Bluetooth. With adapters, you can even use the Arctis to connect with mobile devices as well.

Arctis 9x

The Arctis 9x primarily connects with Xbox consoles and personal computers. However, it does have the simultaneous ability to connect via Bluetooth, which the Arctis 7x lacks.

Arctis 7x Vs. Arctis 9x: Performance and Sound

Both the Arctis 7x and the Arctis 9x have high-quality sound. While there are a few differences in performance and sound, both headsets are well worth consideration.

Arctis 7x

Any type of game can be enjoyed with the Arctis 7x, whether it’s on the Xbox or the PC. However, to head intricate noises or to level out the earpieces, the headset may need an equalizer tune-up. The product does a good job at balancing out treble and bass, but the music’s overall sound can seem a bit flat. Also, the mic on this headset is sensitive to noise.

Arctis 9x

This product works well with the Xbox producing a nice crisp sound. Even the smallest of sounds is clear without loads of interference. You can use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly with the PC or use a network adapter. The 9x has an efficient microphone with an easy-to-reach microphone. The mic is clear as well, so multiplayer conversations are clear.

Arctis 7x Vs. Arctis 9x: Price

Both headsets cost around the same price. There’s only a small difference in cost due to the upgrades from the 7x to 9x. When it comes to choosing the right headset, weighing details with price will help you make the smart decision.

Because of the better mic quality and the multi-platform support of the 9x, it does cost more than the Arctis 7x. However, you’re getting close to the same sound quality aside from the slightly extended frequency of the 9x. At times, the Arctis 9x may be on sale, which would make it even cheaper than the Arctis 7x.

Pros and Cons

Arctis 7x


  • This headset connects to many consoles, including PlayStation and Nintendo switch
  • More affordable than the 9x
  • Has a sleeker appearance and style
  • Made with hard plastic to adjust easier


  • It does not have Bluetooth capabilities
  • The mic is sensitive to noise interruptions
  • Music quality is kind of flat
  • Battery life is shorter than the 9x

Arctis 9x


  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has a crisper sound quality
  • Mic has noise cancelation for better conversations
  • It has an easy to access mute button
  • This headset can stay charged for up to 28 hours, 4 hours longer than the 7x


  • Cannot connect to Playstation Consoles or Nintendo devices
  • Made with steel band and plastic, it could be uncomfortable
  • It is more expensive than the 7x

What are the Alternatives?

Logitech G933

This headset has amazing performance, comparable to other similar devices. The Logitech G933 uses Dolby and DTS surround sound to make you feel like you’re in the game. The only drawback to the surround sound perk is that it doesn’t help you find the location of the sound. It only creates the surround sound effect for a more immersive play.

This product has a design that’s quite comfortable, even otherworldly. It comes with a removable battery and provides customized programmable lighting. However, there is no carry case or wireless stand for charging. The Logitech G933 can connect to almost any game console you want. You can even connect it to your phone.

This product is affordable and has sound quality that’s simply extraordinary. But one of the major downfalls is the battery life of this device. The Logitech G933 has only a little over 7 hours of charge life to use during gaming or listening to music.

Turtle Beach Elite 800x

There are many great mentionable features of the Turtle Beach Elite 800x, including the wireless function. You can play games from anywhere you like. This headset also has a quality mic with noise cancellation options for multiplayer options. However, you may have to make manual adjustments to stop the voice echo effect.

The Turtle Beach Elite has 10 hours of battery time and comes with a magnetic charge stand. This stand charges quickly, so the headset should be charged and ready to go when you’re ready to play.

There is also a function on the headset that closely resembles surround sound, where you can actually locate the source of footsteps and the tiniest of noises. There are various modes to customize the surround sound options to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long does it take to charge the Arctis 7x and Arctis 9x?

Answer: It only takes a couple of hours to fully charge these headsets. Then you can enjoy 24 hours of gaming with the 7x and 28 hours of gaming with the Arctis 9x. If you want to make sure the headsets are 100% charged, download the app. Having the app for these headsets offers an array of options for setting up, managing, and maintaining your device.

Question: How does Arctis 7x work with the Nintendo Switch?

Answer: The Arctis 7x can be used with the Nintendo Switch in mobile mode for game audio-only. It must be connected with a 3.5mm cable. If the Switch is in dock mode, Arctis 7x can be used wirelessly.

Question: What is the Arctis 9x compatible with?

Answer: The Arctis 9x was originally only compatible with Xbox consoles and personal computers. Recently, an upgraded version was added to the market. This new version should now be compatible with PS4 and PS5 as well. Unfortunately, you cannot use the Arctis 9x with the Nintendo Switch.

Question: Which Steelseries headset has Bluetooth capabilities?

Answer: The headset that is equipped to use Bluetooth is the Arctis 9x. With this headset, you can play music on your phone while simultaneously gaming. However, one of the sounds will be muted when the other is playing. You must keep this in mind. The 7x does not have Bluetooth capabilities but can be with other devices if you have an adapter.

Verdict: Choose Arctis 9x for a New and Improved Experience

Considering all the details and improvements, I would have to choose the Steelseries Arctis 9x. For just a bit more money, you can enjoy a higher sound quality, noise-canceling features, Bluetooth capabilities, and an overall durable product. Plus, you can enjoy 28 hours of battery charge, much more than most headsets.

If you’re still unsure and maybe want to read more reviews on gaming devices and equipment, take a look at our review on the most comfortable gaming headsets. After all, there are many things to consider before making a purchase.

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