Sweet Sounds for Everyone! The Yamaha HS7 Review

Yamaha undeniably has had a legacy in the audio world, manufacturing speakers, stereo systems, headphones, and more for decades. However, famed speakers like the NS10s have proven less useful for audiophiles and more useful for recording studios, demanding the flattest frequency response possible. Yamaha’s HS series of monitors- including a 5, 7 , and 8 […]

The Top Best Headphones for Kids

Choosing the best headphones for your child is no small matter. Besides comfort and cost, you want to choose a pair that won’t permanently damage your child’s hearing. The good news is we’ve helped whittle down the dozens upon dozens of options available from the most basic to even some with features more likely to […]

The Ultimate Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Headphones Review You’ll Love

Turtle Beach is all about bringing an intense audio experience to gamers, allowing for true immersion into whatever fantasy world they prefer. A gaming headset brings a different feel to PC and console games of all types and is essentially mandatory for MMOs or multiplayer genres. Speakers simply don’t deliver the quality of sound gamers […]

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